Popstar Sigrid Talks Music Heroes And Creates Her Dream Bookshelf

As her debut album hits shelves, Sigrid reflects on the music that made her

Sigrid's Top 7 Records Books
Courtsey of Sigrid

This Norwegian 22-year-old pop sensation achieved international success with 2017 EP (an absolute toxic relationship break-up anthem) which led to her Glastonbury debut and winning BBC Sound of 2018.

Her debut album is out now – featuring and – and is a powerful combination of rebellious pop and epic ballads.

Sigrid's book and music record choice for 'My Shelf' for LouisvuittonShop Read's featuring Highasakite - Silent Treatment, Back to Amy by Charles Moriarty, Dråpe - Relax / Relapse, I'm Not with the Band: A Writer's Fashion Lost in Music by Sylvia Patterson, Reckless Daughter: A Joni Mitchell Anthology by Barney Hoskyns, Grimes - Art Angels, 1000 Record Covers by Michael Ochs, The Beatles: Photographs from the Set of Help! by Emilio Lari and Alastair Gordon
Lucky If Sharp

We asked to choose her top seven books and records for her dream shelf, from the artists that soothe, to the writers that influence.

'I've been inspired by all these incredible women and men. They've probably shaped who I am without me noticing it, but maybe you can hear a bit of it in my music,' says Sigrid.

Take a look at Sigrid's vibe:

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Silent Treatment – Highasakite

'This is one of my favourite records, and I love the look on her face. She’s even wearing a typical Norwegian woollen sweater!'

Sigrid's top 7 records and books
Charles Moriarty

by Charles Moriarty

'She was really something.. An amazing voice and a hard-hitting and honest approach to songwriting. Forever an inspiration.'

Sigrid's top 7 records and books
Courtsey of Drape

Relax / Relapse

'Mountains makes me feel calm, so I think this is a nice cover.'

Sigrid's top 7 records and books
Courtesy of Little Brown

by Sylvia Patterson

'Sylvia Patterson is a legend and I think this book is filled with good stories.'

Sigrid's top 7 records and books 
Courtesy of Little Brown

by Barney Hoskyns

'Another family book - we grew up listening to Joni Mitchell because of my mom. Lucky me!'

Sigrid's top 7 records and books
Courtesy of Grimes

Art Angels

'This definitely spices things up. It’s mad, but very intriguing!'

Sigrid's top 7 albums and records
Courtesy of Taschen

by Michael Ochs

'I’m gonna be making more records in the future so might as well soak in some inspiration for my future artworks, hehe.'

Sigrid's top 7 records and books
Courtesy of Amazon

by Emilio Lari and Alastair Gordon

'I call this a solid choice. Photographs of one of the world’s most iconic bands? I’m in.'

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