Leomie Anderson Defends Fellow Victoria's Secret Model Kendall Jenner About *That* Pepsi Ad

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Leomie Anderson stands up for Kendal Jenner
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It's safe to say the new Pepsi advert didn't go down particularly well.

After a brief and tortuous time, Pepsi had no choice but to pull the tone-deaf advert that saw them co-opting political resistances such as the Black Lives Matter movement and cringing everyone out with the vague banners, tokenism and Kendall's introduction as something of a 'white saviour character'.

It came off as insincere and ignorant and Pepsi is now firmly in the dog house.

One of our favourite models Leomie Anderson was among the majority of people who saw the advert for its questionable self.

Leomie has written for us about accepting her skin tone within the fashion industry and she's also an outspoken advocate on her website and Twitter page.

Her website LAPP commented on the ad.

And she personally Tweeted and reTweeted her reactions.

Someone picked up on the fact she disagreed with the ad and Tweeted a picture of Beyonce and her dancers performing at the SuperBowl with the caption, 'leomie, herieth, jourdana, alanna, dilone, lameka, zuri, maria and cindy when they see kendall backstage at the vsfs' referring to the black models at the Victoria Secret show.

Leomie wasn't having it though, and replied that there was no anger from her towards Jenner.

And reiterated the blame was firmly with Pepsi, not Kendall.

People began to respond questioning Leomie's opinion, suggesting that Kendall should have read the storyboard or backed out of the ad once she was filming or it had finished.

But Leomie laid out the law for them, explaining it is rare to know what the storyboard is before you shoot, that, as a model you have little to no creative input and her contract would have stopped her from backing out and probably speaking out.

This isn't a matter of keep your friends close, we reckon Leomie's just standing up for models because she knows how it goes.

She Tweeted a LOT of responses to people, trying to explain her position:

That isn't even all of them.

But in the end, she had to call it a day.

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