Oprah Winfrey Dancing To 'Havana' During A Photoshoot Is The Level Of #Chill We Aspire To

The 64-year-old was filmed sashaying her way through a photoshoot and we're calling #lifegoals.

You've seen her own glitter eye make-up in A Wrinkle In Time, grill Barack Obama as a television host, and deliver the mother of all , but Oprah Winfrey just proved she's also an inspiration on the dance floor.

Last week, Oprah's A Wrinkle In Time co-star and friend Mindy Kaling shared the moment when the entrepreneur broke into a jig during a photoshoot dancing to Camila Cabello's hit single 'Havana'.

In the video shared on Twitter, the 64-year-old megastar showed off some serious sass dressed in a yellow shirt dress, scarf, sunglasses and mustard-hued fedora.

Kaling - who seems to have filmed Winfrey's badass dance moves from the sidelines - captioned the post with three trophies because, you know, the philanthropist needs no commentary to introduce such viral-worthy content.

Actor Seth Rogen even chimed in on the dance moment and realised he had a lot to learn when it came to working the camera.

Of course, it din't take long for the Twitterverse to revel in the beauty of Kaling's post and ask what they need to do to get a job at Oprah's personal fan blower.

Winfrey, you're winning at life.

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