Jeremy Hunt Wants Abortions Limit To Be Cut From 24 To 12 Weeks

The former health secretary and current Tory leadership front-runner wants abortion limits cut in half

Jeremy Hunt
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Weeks after 25 white male senators voted to outlaw abortion in Alabama in virtually all circumstances, Tory leadership front-runner Jeremy Hunt reiterated his belief that the time frame during which a woman can choose to have an abortion, should be halved.

In The UK (bar Northern Ireland) the legal time limit for abortions is currently 24 weeks. While Hunt was health secretary, he said he would support a call to cut the legal abortion limit to 12 weeks.

In a Sky What`s New interview regarding his bid to become Prime Minister, he was asked whether this was still his view.

'My view hasn’t changed on that', Hunt replied, confirming his desire for the time frame to be halved.

Interviewer Sophy Ridge pressed Hunt on the issue, asking him to guarantee the 24-week limit would be honoured under his Government her retorted:

'What I can guarantee is this will be a matter for the House of Commons, not a matter for government policy.

'The prime minister will have his view just like every one of the 650 MPs and these will be decided as a matter of conscience.

'But it won't be a government policy to change the law in that respect.

'It won't be government policy to have a vote. If backbenchers choose to have a vote, it would be a free vote and everyone will vote with their conscience.'

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service has been extremely vocal in its opposition of Hunt's view, creating a Twitter thread detailing many reasons a person may want or indeed need a termination past 12 weeks.

BPAS' Director of External affairs, Clare Murphy, pointed out in an article for the Huffington Post, not only how rare abortions performed in the second trimester are - only 10 per cent - but how the women undergoing the procedure within this time frame, 'are often among the most vulnerable.' Detailing that teenagers hiding pregnancy, victims of domestic abuse and those whose life situation have changed drastically often fall into this bracket.

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