VIDEO: Stormzy And His Collective, On Being Young Black And British

'It Feels Like Power, It Feels Like Glory, It Feels Like Grace'

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In this video, the full cast – Stormzy, model Jourdan Dunn, poet Yrsa Daley Ward, actor Damson Idris, boxer Joshua Buatsi, singer Tiana Major9, model Leomie Anderson, sprinter Dina Asher Smith, footballer Wilfried Zaha and activist Temi Mwale - discuss the power in being young, black and British right now, why working as a collective has never mattered more and how to 'follow your dreams.'

In the issue, Stormzy speaks about the importance of inspiring younger generations of black Brits to strive for their aspirations. '[I want] people to see this and realise if you are young, black and British you can 100 per cent excel in whatever lane you want,' he says. '[This group are] powerful and incredible young Brits coming together like superheroes, like Avengers.'

VIDEO CREDITS: Directed and edited by Fenn O’Meally, DOP Max Wallis, Music Crush.

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