Hailey Baldwin Just Failed A Lie Detector Test About Justin Bieber

Awk times.

Justin Bieber has been introducing Hailey Baldwin as his wife
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Good morning! If you need a break from royal baby news, please look no further than this clip from Carpool Karaoke: The Series, in which Hailey Baldwin is hooked up to a lie detector while in a moving car and peppered with questions from Kendall Jenner.

What could go wrong? Answer: Everything!

While Hailey passed most of Kendall's questions with flying (and truthful) colours, Kendall asked her one which she fully lied about. The question in, uh, question? 'Does Justin [Bieber, obviously] think I'm cool?'

Hailey responded with a quick 'of course!' but the random dude controlling the lie detector test in the backseat of the car straight up said 'That's a lie.' Meaning that no, Justin Bieber does not think Kendall Jenner is cool.

Um, can someone start a petition to get more celebrities to roam around Los Angeles in cars while hooked up to lie detectors? Because this is honestly a GIFT.

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