Rihanna Just Dedicated Four Whole Instagram Galleries To One Little Lady And We Are Jealous

Rihanna made her Instagram a tribute to her cute niece

Rihanna Majesty

'Badgalriri' turned into 'fabauntriri' this weekend when she dedicated four gallery posts including 30 pictures and nine videos - to her adorable niece.

Taking a hiatus from her usual feed of outfit shots, political posts and Fenty advertising, the apparently Robyn Fenty took some time to share some love for her cousin Noella Alstrom’s daughter Majesty, who is technically her first cousin removed, but she calls her neice.

In honour of the four year-old’s birthday, that Bajan singer showed her love for the tiny princess.

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On Saturday, she posted the first slide-show, showing pictures of the two of them together, captioning it, ‘it’s Her Majesty’s birthday! 4 years old means I’m 4 years older! Where does time go? 💝😍🎂 🎉 love you ‘oxtail’ !! Hope today is the happiest yet! Also, hope your mom reads this to you! 😂🤷🏾‍♀️ P.S. first birthday I missed, so I’m spamming y’all idc idc idc’

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The galleries show little Majesty getting older and older, enjoying cuddles from her aunt and even getting dressed up in her clothes.

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The pair obviously have a close bond, with Rihanna nick-naming the tiny toddler 'Oxtail'.

In a set of videos concluding her dedication to the Birthday girl you can see Majesty telling Rihanna that she loves her, that she's her favourite and trying on a lot of shoes.

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Is it weird to be jealous of a four year-old? Because it's happened.

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