We Found A Way For You To Get Free (Or Very Cheap) Beyoncé And Jay-Z Tour Tickets But Move Fast People

The Prince’s Trust is giving away On The Run II tour tickets for charitable donations and acts of goodness

Beyoncé Jay-Z On The Run Tour II
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, there’s a way to get yourself to Beyoncé and Jay z’s On The Run II tour without having to .

So put your on, because you might have , but not being able to record a live performance of on your won’t be one of them.

Think we’re done with references to the Queen and King of pop and rap’s back catalogue? Well (I ain’t sorry), but we’re in quoting all these song titles, and we’ll carry on, whether you give us the or not.

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Ahem, anyway, The Prince's Trust has revealed that they have limited tickets for five UK tour dates. Though the deadline for the Cardiff performance was yesterday, tickets for Glasgow, Manchester and two dates in London are still up for grabs.

Joining forces with Queen B’s BeyGood campaign, the royal charity is giving the tickets away either for small charitable donations, or with an act of goodness.

That’s right, if you’re poor of finance but rich in kindness you can donate your time to the Trust, which is the leading youth charity in the UK.

The charity explains on it's website:

We fight tirelessly for young people. Each year, we help 60,000 young people aged 11-30 through our . They may be homeless, battling mental health problems, have become caught up in the criminal justice system or lost hope for the future after unemployment.

So if you're looking for a good time and some good karma, head over to , and you could be dancing .

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