Taylor Swift Sings In The Woods For Her Second 'Delicate' Video


Taylor Swift's surprise second 'Delicate' music video just dropped on Spotify, like T.Swift promised. , years down the line, though the video did come an hour late because of technical issues. (And many fans had issues being able to view it as it's only available in certain regions. The problem was so widespread, it became .)

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Swift shared a preview of the vertical video at 1 a.m., which features her singing along to the "Delicate" track in the woods with a moody Instagram-ready filter.

Fans shared several more stills from the video itself, and one posted the full video for international fans on Tumblr unable to watch it:

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Although it's not her official music video was, it's intimate, romancey, and has a very clear reference to Joe Alwyn, Swift's boyfriend. Before the video even was released, fans spotted Swift's signature "J" necklace hanging in the one still that came out.

It's no surprise, really, considering her Reputation music videos always have , and this song seemed to be about Alwyn lyrically.

Journalist Brian A. Hernandez reported earlier that Swift shot this video in one take, similar to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together":

Watch it on Spotify for now, . Swift hasn't specified whether she'll release the video on YouTube later yet.

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