Capricorn monthly horoscope

23 December - 20 January

capricorn horoscope
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Lucky Days: 1, 8, 9, 18, 19, 28

Yucky Days: 4, 5 10, 11, 12, 26

Colour: Crystal

Celebrity Icon: Kate Moss

June is your month to both work and play hard. You truly cannot have one without the other, darling. The New Moon arrives on the 3rd, spotlighting work and wellness.

Set the stage for the next six months of your ideal daily schedule right now for amazing results.

Is it time to amp up self-care? Remember that this is the key to not only optimal health, but also working at your highest levels.

Next, the First Quarter Moon arrives on the 9th, inviting you to start a new round of travel plans for the summer and beyond. You’ll welcome the arrival of the Full Moon on the 17th, as it gives you the green light to put your soul needs first – and even put the world on pause if possible.

The ceaseless and exhausting pace of modern life can take its toll, so retreating is essential. In other news, the Sun moves into your opposite stars and relationship zone on the 21st.

The next month is all about navigating and renegotiating partnership dynamics and contracts. Not losing yourself in your others is tricky. Neptune, the planet of illusions, goes retrograde in your communication zone on the same day. Your mind might be murky and facts obscured, but going with the flow is the key for the remainder of the month.


Lucky Days: 3, 4, 12, 13, 21

Yucky Days: 1, 2, 8, 9, 28

Colour: Amber

Celebrity Icon: Kate Middleton

May brings all of the love, Capricorn. Yes, your spring romance begins compliments of the New Moon in your love and pleasure zone on the 4th. Set your wishes for your next six months when it comes to all matters of the heart. You must figure out how to let your inner child run the show this month.

The adult can take a break because it’s time to PLAY. The Blue Moon/Full Moon lights up your social zone on the 18th. You’ll have plenty of party invites to keep you fully enthralled and highly in demand.

Long-term goals and collaborations that started last November are reaching a powerful culmination now. You can celebrate all of your hard-won efforts and success. The Sun moves into your work and wellness zone starting the 21st, which might be the cue to switch up all of the partying for some productivity.

You’ll have a month of challenging and rewarding work – hopefully balanced by brilliant self-care. It’s all about that ever-elusive balance. Finally on the 26th, the Last Quarter Moon is excellent for getting all of your communication and correspondence up and out of the drafts folder. Say what you’ve been dying to say since Mercury went retrograde in March.

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