7 Skincare Stickers Guaranteed To Clear Your Spots Overnight

The magic dots that are making our breakouts disappear.

Best Skincare Stickers Patches Dots

Our favourite childhood activity of collecting stickers has evolved and become part of our skincare routine. Whilst they might seem a bit gimmicky at first, spot stickers and patches allow you to target specific areas of the face that aren't cooperating, without loading the rest of your face with acne products it won't thank you for.

We’ve tried and tested the best cleansing patches and stickers out there to help you fight unwanted spots during the festive season. Sticker books at the ready!

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Best Skincare Patches Stickers
COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches - £3.50

Cheap as chips, plus you can use them on not only breakouts but any stubborn whiteheads or blackheads. It’s a yes from us.

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Best Skincare Patches Dots Stickers
Maskeraide Spotted! Cleansing Dots - £19.50

The cocktail of volcanic ash and tea tree oil, mean these work to get rid of any nasty bacteria on the skin. Plus, they also contain salicylic acid, a gentler member of the acids club, to help exfoliate breakouts without irritation.

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Vitamin Injections London Vitamin B Complex Skin Patches - £49.99

Technically, these aren’t designed to get rid of existing spots but are a brilliant prevention method. Don’t be dismissive because they resemble nicotine patches, leave them on overnight to improve energy levels and support the body’s metabolism.

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Best Skincare Patches Stickers Dots
Kocostar Face Spot Patches - £7

These contain patches in two different sizes, perfect for the smaller pimples and the larger ones we would rather not talk about.

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Best Skincare Stickers Patches
Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots - £20

For the oily t-zone sufferers, these patches instantly soothe any angry red breakouts and help soak up any oil around the area, without leaving spots dry and flakey. Use as soon as you feel a spot start to surface.

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Best Skincare Stickers Patches Dots
YesTo Tomatoes Blemish Fighting Zit Zapping Dots - £7.99

The blend of charcoal with tomato extracts mean these little dots detoxify and ‘zap’, as the name says, any potential volcano-looking spots. Plus, they’re vegan friendly, what’s not to love.

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Best Skincare Stickers Patches
Sarah Chapman Skinesis Spot Stickers x 20 - £24

Have you ever seen Meghan Markle with a spot? We haven’t and we’re guessing it’s down to having Sarah Chapman as her go-to facialist. So, we trust her when it comes to solutions to make our spots disappear. They’re travel friendly with a handy oyster card-style wallet and basically eat away at our breakouts (sorry, not sorry).

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