4 Glory Treatments You Should Do During Winter Aka Right Now

You'’ll be thanking yourself for doing this by summer.


Although Christmas has gone and taken our boxes of Quality Street with it, it also means we now have summer to look forward to...ish.

It might seem years away right now, but there's no harm in getting your prep in early. If you need us, we'll be making the most of the gloomy winter months and their dark evenings by getting our skin seriously smooth and totally glowy just in time for that summer trip to Bali.

Read on for the four winter beauty treatments to start doing right now (so you don't have to bother later on)...

1. Fractional Radio Frequency at Teresa Tarmey

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        The treatment:

        If you’ve tried all the and and those stubborn acne scars still aren’t budging, is the treatment for you. Warning: those who have a low pain threshold beware - our eyes have watered at times, but it's worth it.

        What does it do?

        Combining radio frequency and micro-needling, Fractional waves goodbye to any dark patches, uneven texture and wrinkles. Again, this isn't for the faint hearted, your skin will be sensitive and red for about four days afterwards, somewhat like an intense sunburn, but once you pass this stage, we found after one treatment our dark spots were considerably lighter and could easily be covered up with concealer, which proved difficult before.

        What skin type is it suitable for?

        Ideal for all skin types but not suitable if you’re pregnant.

        Why try in winter?

        Your skin can look a tad angry immediately after the treatment, so winter is an ideal time to get booked in and hibernate inside the day after.

        Fractional Radio Frequency, £480 for one hour

        2. Body Ballancer at Dr Michael Prager

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        The treatment:

        Eliminate the build-up of toxins from overdosing on the mulled wine this festive season with treatment by Dr Michael Prager. It’s an intense lymphatic drainage massage, to drain all the bad stuff and help encourage any stubborn squidgy bits that seem keen on sticking with you to take a hike.

        What does it do?

        Getting rid of toxins and waste in your system won't just make you feel better, it'll also reduce cellulite and excess fluid retention aka almost instant toning. If you’ve had any recent medical conditions we recommend you contact the clinic directly for details about whether The Body Ballancer is right for you.

        Why try in winter?

        The downside to draining your way to seriously toned skin can be a side serving of bruising. So, if you bruise like a peach, those winter layers could be the ideal way to cover up. Plus, although all bodies look banging in a bikini, if tonage is what you're after, then squeezing in a few treatments before you hit the beach will work like a charm.

        The Body Ballancer Treatment by Dr Michael Prager, from £120

        3. bgX On-Demand Blowdries

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        The treatment:

        England's commitment to having the most unpredictable weather ever can lead to us resembling something like a drowned rat. Not ideal. Don’t fret, , essentially Uber for good hair, means you can get stylists from your favourite salons to your door in just 30 mins for an emergency blow dry.

        The downside?

        bgX is currently London-based only, so the rest of the UK will have to brave the erratic weather alone. Sorry...

        Why try in winter?

        The cold weather, rain and chilly gusts of wind really take it out on our hair. Give it that extra TLC it needs during winter and by summer you’ll have the perfect beachy waves or frizz-free curls you’ve been striving for.

        bgX Services start from £45

        4. NYDG Limelight Illumino Rejuvenation Facial at Harrods Wellness Clinic

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        The treatment:

        Designed to get rid of brown spots and pigmentation as a result of too much sun, the NYDG Limelight Illumino Rejuvenation Facial helps your skin produce new collagen fibres, thus evening out your skin tone in the process. Each treatment is customisable and can be used on pretty much every area of the body, however, don’t book if you’re pregnant or have a fresh tan (we wish...).

        Why try in winter?

        If you're one of those lucky people that naturally tan whilst still wearing SPF50 24/7, then you're best off waiting until it's faded back to your paler winter hue. The winter time slot means you can help mend the damage you’ve caused by accidentally falling asleep outside without any sunscreen on all summer...

        NYDG Limelight Illumino Rejuvenation Facial, start from £500 for one session at Harrods Wellness Clinic.

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