14 Of The Best Glory Books Every Glory Obsessive Will Want On Their Coffee Table

Now this is our kind of reading list.

Best Glory Books 2018

No matter how much of a beauty obsessive you consider yourself, there's always more to learn, right?

From Pixiwoo to Francois Nars, all of our favourite beauty gurus have transferred their vast knowledge into print, serving up books filled to bursting with tips, tricks, anecdotes and snippets of beauty history, not forgetting a whole host of stunning images you could wonder at pretty much all day.

Check out the beauty bibles no self-respecting coffee table is complete without.

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Best Glory Books
Red Lipstick - An Ode To A Glory Icon by Rachel Felder - £18.99

An exploration of our obsession with all things red lipstick. From the iconic shades favoured by Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, to the secrets behind Chanel's legendary lipsticks, this is a love letter to the most timeless beauty product of all time.

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Best Glory Books 
Nailed It. by Marian Newman - £25

Open a magazine, turn the pages to any beauty or fashion editorial and chances are, if the nails are next level, they were created by backstage legend and genius manicurist, Marian Newman. Dive into her most weird, wonderful and totally haute couture nail looks whilst reading up on her top tips for creating seriously chic nail art in this new ode to all things Marian.

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Best Glory Books
Bulgari The Perfume Of Gems

The ultimate coffee table book for all the perfume lovers out there, Bulgari's beautifully shot tome combines the luxurious worlds of fragrance and precious stones in one feat of ethereal photography. Starting in Ancient Rome with a society obsessed with beauty, you'll travel the Bulgari roadmap around the world following their journey from scent to gems right up to 2018.

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Best Glory Books
Validated! The Makeup Of Val Garland - £35

If you've ever wanted to take a sneak peek inside the mind of backstage legend and fashion's go-to make-up artist Val Garland, then this is the book for you. Packed full of hyper glossy editorial beauty shoots, high fashion make-up direct from backstage at LFW, and hilarious insider quotes from Val herself that reveal what actually goes on during a photoshoot ('It felt completely normal to have Erin smashing the top of a piano wearing a big, fake nose'), this is the ultimate coffee table beauty book.

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Best Glory Books
Great Hair Days & How To Have Them by Luke Hersheson - £20

If, for some reason, you're still not convinced that Luke Hersheson is the king of cool girl hair, then perhaps Victoria Beckham's foreword in his new book will convince you. Dissecting the secrets to effortless hair and how to recreate that enviable French girl 'do IRL, 'Great Hair Days' is the ideal mix of aspiration and practical application. From essential tips for keeping your hair in good nick ('Never put heat directly onto wet hair'), to where to find the best hair inspo on Instagram, this is your new hair bible.

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Sali Hughes Pretty Iconic Book
Pretty Iconic: A Personal Look At The Glory Products That Changed The World By Sali Hughes - £26

Written by journalist and make-up guru Sali Hughes, Pretty Iconic proves that beauty can actually be a poignant concept. It's filled to bursting with funny and warm anecdotes that you can really identify with, including how MAC's Spice Lip Liner accompanied her to raves, gigs and on dates and her long-standing relationship with the one and only Chanel No.5.

NARS' Orgasm Blusher - 120 of which are sold every hour - and Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair are also a few fantastic products that make the cut (rightly so), and the tricks, how-tos and snippets of history surrounding each product make it both a useful and fascinating read.

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An Atlas Of Natural Glory by L'Officine Universelle Buly
An Atlas Of Natural Glory By L'Officine Universelle Buly - £20

If you haven't heard of husband and wife duo Victoire de Taillac and Ramdane Touhami, they are the brains behind French apothecary, (you can shop the Insta-worthy, vintage-inspired products on , FYI) and they've not long unveiled this absolute masterpiece of a book.

Complete with beautiful illustrations you could pore over for hours on end, it's a nod to the recipe books of yesteryear and teaches you about how seeds, herbs, flowers and fruit can shape a natural beauty regime. It'll make you want to go green ASAP.

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The Skincare Bible: Your No Nonsense Guide To Having Great Skin by Dr. Anjali Mahto
The Skincare Bible: Your No Nonsense Guide To Having Great Skin By Dr. Anjali Mahto - £14.99

She's one of the most knowledgeable, honest and reliable dermatologists we know, so you can imagine our excitement when Dr. Anjali Mahto revealed that she was going to put everything she knows into a book - YES. With it's Instagrammable, millennial pink cover, The Skincare Bible is the next best thing to actually sitting opposite Dr. Anjali and talking to her yourself.

It snuffs out skin myths, breaks down the skincare ingredients you've never understood, offers up uncomplicated morning and night-time routines and covers all manner of skin complaints, including acne, rosacea and pigmentation. Amazing skin, here we come.

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Face Paint: The Story of Make-Up by Lisa Eldridge
Face Paint: The Story of Make-Up By Lisa Eldridge - £22.99

Now, this is our kind of education. Compiled by make-up artist Lisa Eldridge (if you aren't subscribed to her channel, do it now), Face Paint is a vehicle through the origins and history of make-up, where ancient Egypt, the Victorian era and even Hollywood all collide.

Lisa explains what ingredients and formulas people used, how they used them and the different things they all gained from wearing make-up. Nothing like the history books of your school days, the pages are super-stylish, so it'll look great on top of your coffee table.

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Face by Pixiwoo
Face By Pixiwoo- £20

What sister duo Pixiwoo don't know about beauty isn't worth knowing - fact. From eyes to brows, lashes to lips, no stone is left unturned when it comes to acing your make-up, thanks to the original photo guides, advice and recommendations. Our favourite section is Skin - flawless face, here we come.

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Francois Nars Book
Francois Nars - £55

We could marvel over this book for hours. Inside, Francois Nars, the man behind the eponymous beauty brand that brought us the iconic Orgasm Blush and even more amazing Sheer Glow Foundation, takes a look back at his career spanning more than three decades. Every photograph, from ad campaigns to behind-the-scenes snaps, is a work of art and the personal captions are the icing on the cake.

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Look Great, Not Done! by Dr. Stefanie Williams
Look Great, Not Done! The Art And Science Of Ageing Well By Dr. Stefanie Williams - £8.50

According to medial doctor and dermatologist Dr. Stefanie Williams, if you can tell that someone has had something 'done', then it has been done badly. Enter Look Great, Not Done! Practical and honest, it informs anyone thinking about undergoing an aesthetic procedure how to go about it wisely and even details Dr. Stefanie's own experiences with them. Rather refreshingly, the focus isn't on 'anti-ageing,' but ageing well.

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Love Your Skin: The Ultimate Guide To A Glowing Complexion by Abigail James
Love Your Skin: The Ultimate Guide To A Glowing Complexion By Abigail James - £20

A lot of books on how to look after your skin tend to bombard you with science - not this one. Written by facialist extraordinaire and skin expert Abigail James, it pinpoints specific skin problems and how you can solve them, serves up natural face mask recipes, and lifts the lid on the ingredients you need to know about in a way that just clicks. The layout is simple but chic - it'd make the perfect gift for any skincare junkie.

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The Makeup Of A Confident Woman by Trish McEvoy
The Makeup Of A Confident Woman By Trish McEvoy - £20

Make-up artist and brand founder Trish McEvoy believes that beauty isn't only skin deep. Make-up meets the art of well-being in her latest book, The Make-Up of a Confident Woman, as she suggests that the minutes we spend in front of the mirror each morning aren't just about painting our faces, but harnessing and appreciating that precious time, learning how to centre ourselves, banishing insecurities and taking our confidence to new heights.

The step-by-step instructions are detailed but quick and easy to follow, which makes this manual a must-have for every busy gal out there.

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