Adwoa Aboah On Owning Your Individuality, Met Gala Make-Up And Why Rihanna Should Shave Her Head

'I know that a lot of things in my life don’t feel as painful when I stick to who I am'

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She's the face of Burberry's 2018 streetwear transformation, part of Revlon's badass girl gang of Global Brand Ambassadors (alongside Ashley Graham and Imaan Hammam) and the sole subject of our 'shaved head inspo' Pinterest board - model Adwoa Aboah is the beautiful cool kid we all aspire to be.

Never one to shy away from a bold beauty look, we caught up with the founder of Gurls Talk and fashion week regular, to talk pastel pink buzz cuts, owning your individuality, and the secret to her statement-making Met Gala make-up.

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Growing up, who inspired you to embrace being yourself?

Growing up was a confusing time for me, luckily I had amazing strong and powerful women around me in my family and friends, so they were the ones I looked up to. I had a lot of insecurities, but my freckles were never one of them because my mum and my uncle have them as well, so I always loved them.

I look through magazines now and I see loads of different women that I can relate to and who are admired for being different which I think is so amazing.

Which women do you think are changing the game right now?

Slick Woods, 100%. No one has ever made pregnancy look as cool as Slick. She had her belly out the whole time and then the Savage X Fenty show happened - she's definitely someone who's killing it at the moment.

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You're the face of Revlon's Live Boldly campaign, what does that message mean to you?

I think it's really scary being told that you need to look a particular way, or fit into a particular box, so, for me, it's really important that we're advocating being yourself and doing your own thing.

That's something I try and live by, even though I think it's so easy to be swayed into fitting in - you just have to look at social media. It's kind of terrifying when you think about it, but I know that rejection doesn't feel as painful, that a lot of things in my life don’t feel as painful, when I stick to who I am.

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You always work amazing statement make-up, what's been your most epic look?

It has to be this year's Met Gala. Celia (Burton) my make-up artist came up with a seriously epic make-up look. We did a super winged eyeliner and even came up with a beauty spot to cover up an actual spot I had - that was genius. With my bright green hair, it looked so good.

Speaking of your hair, it's kind of become your signature...

It all started when I had a really bad haircut! I'd just moved to LA and went to a new hairdressers and ended up with this weird Vidal Sassoon style sculptural cut that was a nightmare to look after. I've never had a proper loving relationship with my hair anyway so the idea of doing anything with it at all just became really exhausting - it felt natural to just shave it all off.

It felt natural to just shave it all off.

At first it was a bit nerve wracking, but then I felt like I'd never been happier. Now I can leave the house in two seconds! I start to get a bit twitchy when it even grows a little bit and want to shave it again.

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You've had pastel pink, green and blonde buzzcuts, what colour are you going for next?

When I was younger I had really ginger hair like my mum, so I might go back to that next - maybe draw on it and go even more ginger!

Although I did love the pastel hair J0sh (Wood) and Guido (Palau) gave me for the Marc Jacobs show - it was so glamorous. It started off a peachy colour and ended up a little more lavender. There was another girl in the show that had her hair dyed dark blue which I loved as well.

Which celebs would you love to see with shaved heads?

Dree Hemingway just shaved her hair and she looks epic, and Dilone has gone really short which I love. Rihanna would look sick with a shaved head.

But, there's some girls with amazing hair that should never shave it off. When I see their hair, that's when I get a bit envious. Solange has the best hair in the whole entire world so she should just keep it forever!

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No more Adwoa, no longer’s Champagne Courvoisier.

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We're a little bit in love with your tooth gem, tell us about it...

So, I used to go on holiday with my friends to Ibiza and we'd get these stick on tooth gems, but they were constantly falling off. Then I found this girl when I was living in LA in South Central who did semi-permanent ones.

I wanted to get a diamond Playboy bunny first but then I got a role in Ghost In The Shell and they were like 'Absolutely not!', so then I was going to get a simple diamond bit I decided it wasn't enough, so I finally got the Chanel logo and I've had it for three years.

You have to go to the dentist to get it removed, and at the moment mine feels very much on there!

I want to get a permanent diamond stud but my dad is begging me not to. Maybe I just won't tell him...

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