Whether your go-to Christmas party hair involves Liberty's entire tinsel offering, or an artfully hidden , it's a universal truth that festive events tend to confuse the hair situation, big time.

The only time of year when a -induced panic leads to a misguided last-minute attempt at a chignon, and corkscrew curls seem like a legit good idea. We'll say it again: can be a minefield.

Not anymore, however. We called upon celebrity hair stylist to the stars and creative director for Virtue, , to instruct us on the rules of runway-worthy party hair that won't take half a day to create.

The man behind Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway and Elizabeth Olsen's red carpet-ready looks, Abergel knows a thing or two about keeping going 'out-out' hair on the cool side of life.

From Marco De Vincenzo-style more-is-more hair clips, to Ophelia-esque brushed out waves, here's how to work Christmas party hair that looks more fashion than in your face festive.

Christmas Party Hair How-To

How To Nail It:

  • Spritz texturising spray throughout your hair and work in with your hands.
  • Squeeze a blob of styling cream into your palms, rub between your hands and scrunch into your roots and lengths.
  • Roughly pull your hair up into a messy ponytail on top of your head and twist into a loose top knot. Leave any loose strands and pull pieces out in front of your ears.
  • Clip in place with large bulldog clips.
  • Plait the remaining hair and use a slide to fix in place.
  • Add barrettes, slides and mini clips all over. Keep the shapes graphic and rectangular for a more modern feel.
  • Use a hair tong to add 'bends' to any loose pieces of hair.
  • Spritz hairspray all over to set the look.

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    Christmas Party Hair How-To

    How To Nail It:

    • Starting with a centre parting, take two and a half inch sections of hair, weave over and under a U hair pin until you reach the end of your hair.
    • Clamp with hair straighteners to set the shape and leave to cool. Repeat all over until your whole head is done.
    • Once set, remove the pins - your hair should be extremely wavy.
    • Mix smoothing cream with hair pomade in your palm, and rub between your hands.
    • Lightly run over your hair to add shine and definition to your waves.
    • Thread a needle with silver or metallic thread.
    • Twist a half inch section of hair on one side of your parting at the front of your head.
    • Being extremely careful, take the needle and thread it under the hair from back to front, looping over, and back into your hair again. Repeat until a section of the twisted hair is bound by silver thread.
    • Bring the needle down through the loops of thread to tie off the end. Trim with scissors.
    • Lightly brush the rest of your hair to loosen the waves for a fluffier texture.

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          Christmas Party Hair How-To

          How To Nail It:

          • Divide the top section of your hair into three parts from front to back. Place a roller in each section and leave to set. This is going to add volume to the top of your hair once they're taken out.
          • Use a curling tong to curl two inch sections of hair. Cup the curl in your palm and use a metal crocodile clip to hold in place.
          • Leave to cool and set, then remove and brush out for soft waves.
          • Apply smoothing cream to a small scouring pad and run lightly over your hair to add shine and de-frizz.
          • Tuck each side behind your ears, place a business or playing card on top and fix in place with a crocodile clip. The card will stop the clip denting your hair.
          • Remove the rollers, spritz root boosting powder into the roots, and lightly back comb.
          • Gently comb each section backwards and fix in place with hairspray. The finished look should be smooth with a good amount of height.
          • Take a metre length of ribbon and place it around your neck and over your hair.
          • Tie into a ribbon (twist the ribbon to make sure the velvet side stays on the outside when tying).
          • Fold over the end, cut a v shape using scissors, unfold and trim off to leave a pointed 'gift box' finish.

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            Videography by Iain Philpott | Hair by Adir Abergel, assisted by Tarik Bennafla | Make-Up by Dina @ Frank Agency | Model Elle Dowling @ Models 1 | Creative Direction and Glory by George Driver | Styling by Daisy Murray