LouisvuittonShop Edit: The Best Volumising Shampoos And Conditioners For Fine Hair

The products you need to defy hair that feels limp, flat and just generally a bit meh.

Volumising shampoos and conditioners for fine and limp hair

For those with fine hair, extensions can become somewhat of a beauty comfort blanket. But, with more and more celebs like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato, to name but a few, swapping the artificial strands for their own natural hair, the less it becomes, well, cool.

Of course, extensions, weaves and hair pieces have their place in beauty, but if you really want thick locks full of lustrous body, you're going to have to put some work in - and it all starts in the shower.

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There are some amazing root lifting, body boosting products being launched into the beauty sphere daily ( Dry Shampoo Foam, Renewing Serum...) but if you haven't properly prepped with a good volumising shampoo and conditioner ideal for fine hair, the results from styling just won't be as effective.

So, here are the ones you'll want to take pride of place inside your bathroom cabinet, put through their paces by team LouisvuittonShop - and we're a very fussy bunch.

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We don't throw around the term 'game-changer' very lightly, so trust us when we say this whipped, volume-boosting conditioner is an absolute godsend for fine, coloured hair. The innovation comes down to the light-as-air foam formulation, which successfully manages to hydrate from the inside out without weighing hair down. Simply pull a blob through wet hair and leave for ten minutes before washing out for an extra shot of nourishment sans heaviness.

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Kerastase offer the gold standard of targeted hair products and their cult volumising shampoo, specially formulated for fine hair, is no exception. If your tresses get greasy very quickly, this will deep cleanse from root to tip without leaving your ends feeling parched. It is ideal for anyone with thin hair who doesn't want to compromise on hydration and finished result is textured body that doesn't look or feel crispy. In fact, it'll impart a shine like no other.

Kerastase Bain Volumifique Volumising Shampoo
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If you like your products to be on the natural side but still want them to deliver the goods, then Aveda's sell-out, volume-boosting shampoo is well worth a whirl. It boasts a plant-based formula, souped up by organic acacia gum which breathes life into lacklustre lengths prone to falling flat, all while helping to soothe an overworked scalp.

It lends fine hair a weightless nourishment so you can use it on its own, but if you're in need of a good moisture surge, simply treat the ends of your hair with conditioner.

Aveds Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo for fine hair


Making waves (sorry not sorry) in the hair industry, Stemm, focuses its efforts on improving hair density by working on the scalp, for the promise of thicker-looking hair. The whole range is worth a look in, but the High Amino Shampoo – which gently cleanses without stripping fine hair of natural oils – is an LouisvuittonShop Glory Cupboard favourite, and it's all down to the megamix of amino acids and coffee-derived caffeine that lends lengths a much needed boost.

Stemm High Amino Volumizing Shampoo for fine hair
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Added rice and wheat proteins in this volumising shampoo for fine hair work with the natural structure of each strand, amplifying after just one go. Thanks to the lightweight texture, you can use it daily without worrying about it sucking the moisture from your strands - but don't underestimate its strengthening abilities. You'll notice your thin hair becomes more resilient to damage and it'll feel heaps healthier, too. P.S. It smells divine.

Kiehl's Wheat And Rice Protein Volumizing Shampoo for fine hair


Those of us with hair on the finer side tend to steer clear of masks for fear of impending greasy roots and flat lengths, but this just might change your mind. Dipped into once weekly, it'll help reinforce fragile hair fibres making your hair a little more resistant to heat, colour, environmental factors and whatever else you throw at it - but the best part is that it gives locks impressive body. Hello, va-va-voom.

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System Professional Volumizing Mask for fine hair


Spend what feels like hours styling and curling your hair only for it to drop out moments later? We feel you. Thankfully though, Bumble and Bumble's volumising shampoo is on hand to lend hair enough guts to hold styles for much longer while injecting it with an impressive fullness which was once only ever achieved by booking in for a salon blow-dry. If you aren't convinced, follow with the conditioner, and once your hair is dry, give your roots a spritz with the world-famous .

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo for fine hair


Forget what you know about conditioner lending fine hair a weighty, oily feel. Championed by hairstylists all over the globe, Christophe Robin's gel-textured volumising offering harnesses rose extracts to lift roots, tease knots and to fatten up every strand for a convincing, full look. A little really does go a long way and you'll find your hair stays cleaner for longer, too.

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Christophe Robin Volumizing Conditioner With Rose Extract for fine hair
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