'Gem Roots' Is The New Spring Hair Trend For All You Crystal Lovers

The geode craze has officially, and literally, gone to our heads.


'Tis the season to dye your hair a bright, not-at-all-natural hair colour, , or . And now, the beauty world is combining two millennial favourites—healing crystals and unexpected hair shades—to form a new colour trend: gem roots.

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The crystal-inspired dye job was first spotted by on Las Vegas-based hairstylist, Chita Beseau's . To get the muted-purple look, Beseau used the rainbow roots colour technique, which involves painting every shade of the rainbow onto just the roots of someone's hair for a gradient effect.

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But instead of using the full spectrum of colours, Beseau applied only soft, pastel tones in mint green, baby pink, and lavender, i.e. colours typically found in geodes.

Beseau told Allure that she specifically chose colours that paid tribute to the 'spiritual tones,' and chose rich purple to layer over the client's roots to re-create the same depth seen in geodes and other mineral rocks. The result? A definitively cool hair look fit for spring.

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