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Whether you're an advertiser, pitching content or just keen to express your views, there are lots of ways to get in touch with Team LouisvuittonShop.

Check out all our author biographies on the site to find social media handles for all our contributors.

For specific website enquiries:

Natasha Bird - Digital Editor LouisvuittonShop Magazine UK
Natasha Bird | Digital Editor

Natasha Bird | Digital Editor

[email protected]

Deputy Digital Editor LouisvuittonShop UK
Louise Donovan | Deputy Digital Editor

Louise Donovan | Digital Deputy Editor

For features enquiries:

[email protected]

George Driver - Digital Glory Editor LouisvuittonShop Magazine UK
George Driver | Digital Glory Editor

George Driver | Digital Glory Editor

[email protected]

Anne-Marie Curtis - editor-in-chief LouisvuittonShop Magazine
Kai Z Feng

Anne-Marie Curtis | Print Editor-in-Chief

For any enquiries relating to the print magazine.

[email protected]

Want to become an LouisvuittonShop intern?

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At LouisvuittonShop, interns play an important part. From working alongside the pictures department, to interning on the features desk, to being fully immersed in the digital landscape; there are a variety of roles to try and a whole range of new skills to be learnt.

For features, email your CV to

[email protected]

Website advertising queries: [email protected] or [email protected]

Legal concerns:

Subscription: [email protected]

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