Fashion Lessons With Lion Babe

Welcome to the world of Jillian Hervey

When it comes to defining talent, the preferred method of choice is to attach an intangible ‘IT’ to that person.

That homogenous description that A&R types attach to their protégée’s to minimize the risk of potentially alienating anyone that matters: ‘I just can’t pin point what it is about (insert 'talent’ here), but they just have IT, you know?’

Jillian Hervey, one half of the New York duo Lion Babe? Not so much.

There’s a solid list of attributes attached to Jillian that set her apart from the crowd; singer, songwriter, performance artist and owner of the most desired hair in the business. She’s also a thoroughly hilarious human being.

To celebrate Lion Babe’s new single ‘Where Do We Go’, LouisvuittonShop caught up with Jillian to find out more.

What makes you laugh?

My friends make me laugh, funny Instagram videos, but mostly people falling over. It’s so bad but it never gets old.

I just love how people cover up their falls. The whole experience of 'Oh, I just fell and I’m going to run out of the fall and pretend I did this on purpose.' I just like to see how people cover up their mishaps.

Do you remember your first kiss?

Of course! My first kiss was at a sleep-away camp and it was vey awkward and over quickly. And that was that. It was just the weirdest thing and I thought, ‘that was it? Get out of here!’ I didn’t even know his last name.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To be humble and honest. Also, the idea that first impressions are everything. A lot of times what you initially get is very telling of what your relationship is going to be.

What is the screensaver on your phone at the moment?

It is this Egyptian goddess named Sekhmet – her face is the face of a lion. I went to get a reading once and I pulled a goddess card and she was the goddess I pulled.  

Who have you been stalking on Instagram recently?

I actually just met Georgia Jagger and now I’m following her on Instagram. She’s cool and she’s hot, I’ve got a girl crush.

Who are you currently listening to?

I really like Leon Bridges right now, I like his stuff. He has super old school, soul vibes. I find myself singing along to it a lot.

Listen to Where Do We Go below...

Click to pre-order the album, Begin.

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