Diet Drinks Make You Hungrier: New Study Reveals

We all know that sugar is bad for you, but what about artificial sweeteners?

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A new has been published, looking into the effects of sugar replacements and artificial sweeteners on the body and metabolism, and it appears that diet drinks actually make you hungrier?! 

Researchers at the University of Sydney tested the effects of sucralose on eating habits in flies, and then in mice. The flies and mice that consumed sucralose were found to be 'eating a lot more,' said lead researcher Associate Professor Greg Neely. 

When consuming very sweet foods, the body expects a high calorie intake too. As diet drinks often contain no calories (as is usually part of their appeal) the space between what the body expects and what it receives in reality, leaves you in a kind of starvation mode. 

In order to rectify the space between calorie and sugar intake, your brain thinks that you're missing calories and so craves more food. 

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Not only do you think you're hungry, but the report revealed that the artificial sugar actually makes food taste better. 

'The pathway we discovered is part of a conserved starvation response that actually makes nutritious food taste better when you are starving,' Associate Professor Neely told

So pretend sugar might be just as bad as real sugar, considering that the sweet drinks actually stimulate appetite, whilst simultaneously making everything taste amazing. 

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