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23 Of The Best Watches This Season

So much more than a timepiece

How To Go From White House Intern To Social Sec

Deesha Dyer on overcoming self-doubt for good

12 Times Women Competed Against Men & Won
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How One Woman Built NYC's Legendary Comedy Empire
"Judd Apatow used to sneak in and 'interview' people when he was in …
Intel's Sandra Lopez On Females' Role In Business
"Anyone who tells you you can't [accomplish anything], don't listen …
Lip Sync Battle Producer Casey Patterson On Emotions At Work

"Unbridled enthusiasm is what opened doors for me — it's hard to go up against that."

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Meet The Painter Merging Social Justice And Art

"Empathy and the sharing of stories continue to be necessary."

How a Former Engineer Built Her Own Style Line

The birth of her daughter and a trip to the surgeon provided new direction for her professional life.

What Professional Athletes Have Learned From Career-Threatening Injuries

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What It's Like To Go To Ballet High School At 15 – Halfway Around The World

Meet Zoe Cavedon, a ballet-focused teen whose high school experience is anything but normal

What 8 Competitive Athletes Say to Psych Themselves Up

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12 Times Women Had the Perfect Response to Being Underestimated

Amazing comebacks from Emma Stone, Rihanna, and more.

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