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Elle Voices

New Rules Of Attraction

From debates around consent to the redefinition of romantic relationships, the entire dating landscape is in flux

Why I Am A Fool For Love
Soppy songs, heart emojis – and the return of the rom-com. Katie Gla…
Young black woman wading into ocean, rear view.
Solo Travelling Is Good For The Soul
Squad goals are all very well, but there's nothing as joyous as soli…
Miss Golden Globes
Why Miss Golden Globes Has To Go

What do these women have in common?

Meet The Young Women Shaking Up Politics

‘Women shouldn’t feel like they’ve got to walk like a man'

Woman protesting with group of activists
How The Pressure To Be 100% Woke Became The New Impossible Perfect

Emma Gannon explores the future of this new perfectionism

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Meet The Woman Revolutionising The Tampon Industry With Her Sustainable Start-Up

Lauren Harvey wants to stop sanitary products destroying the planet

Chika Kako On Becoming Japan's First Female Chief Engineer

'Challenge things as often as you can.'

Meet The Agoraphobic Traveller Who Shoots The World From Her Sofa

Her new project with Lexus is breaking boundaries.

I Quit My Job To Launch A Women’s Network

Otegha Uwagba on making a successful career switch

Fatima Zaman photographed by Victoria Adamson
The LouisvuittonShop List: Fatima Zaman

Fatima was 13 years old when she witnessed the 7/7 bombings in 2005. Now she works with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Letitia Wright, 'Black Panther' Princess, On Being Inclusive And Making An Impact

'We need to open up the circle, and make things different'

Rhyannon Styles photographed by Ekua King
The New Girl: Rhyannon Styles's Final Column
After two years, the final message from LouisvuittonShop's transgender columnist is as strong as ever and will continue to help defy stereotypes ar…
Daisy Ridley in Star Wars
Why The New Star Wars Film Matters More Than You Think

LouisvuittonShop covergirl Daisy Ridley is an important screen win for women.

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Rhyannon Styles Transgender Columnist
The New Girl: Rhyannon Styles On Motherhood

All my friends are talking about babies, and so am I

The Incredible Jessica James on Netflix | LouisvuittonShop UK
Why The Incredible Jessica James Is An Important Film For Black Women Everywhere

Netflix's new rom-com features the rarest of unicorns – a black leading lady

Rhyannon Styles photographed by Ekua King
The New Girl: Rhyannon Styles On Overcoming Online Abuse

LouisvuittonShop's Transgender Editor on how to deal with trolls and why her life will never be completely free of insults

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father holding his baby daughter
My Stay At Home Dad Made Me A Feminist

One writer on the joys of being brought up by her father

Reni Eddo-Lodge authot of
Why Reni Eddo-Lodge Is No Longer Talking To White People About Race

...Except that she is. The first-time author pulls up unsisterly white feminists

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