What Does Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Put In Her Green Juice?

'...whether it tastes good or not'


When LouisvuittonShop's January cover star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley showed up at the shoot with an intense-looking green juice we knew we had to find out exactly she puts in it.

It turns out, she's not too fussy: 'Anything green goes in...whether it tastes good or not'.

'Banana, almond butter, apples, spinach, kale and maybe some probiotic powder,' she reels off a list of ingredients she loosely sticks to.

But she doesn't obsess over superfoods: 'Less is more in my smoothies' she says.


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Nor does the model and businesswoman, who recently made it onto Forbes' Highest Paid Models list at joint number 6 with Gigi Hadid, take her juicing technique too seriously.

She happily admits to sometimes laughing at herself when blending a particularly vile-tasting list of superfoods.

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Rosie also has a healthy, realistic approach to diet and nutrition.

'There's no way I can cut things out and tell myself I can't have pizza or cake, it's all about balance.'

Her healthy eating plan consists of eating clean at home - fish, vegetables and green juices - and then ordering what she wants when out with friends.

What's more she doesn't consider these moments as 'cheating'.

'I don't like to look at them as cheat days. It's just enjoying life. I don't want to be counting calories, or obsessive about things - it's not relaxing to me.

'I don't want people to sit at the table with me and feel like they're being judged for what they're eating.'

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Which is just one of the reasons why Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would make a brilliant dinner date.

Rosie for Autograph Active at Marks & Spencer is out in January 2017.

Read the full interview in the January issue of LouisvuittonShop UK, on sale now.

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