Kylie Jenner's Photo Of Stormi Webster Has Already Become A Meme

After the name jokes, come the swatch jokes…apparently

Stormi Webster

The internet ensures no moment is left sacred. Whether it be Beyoncé ordering some food or a man cutting meat with aplomb, Twitter and Instagram respond swiftly and humorously.

Don't believe us? The kid who took a selfie with Justin Timberlake, a.k.a , just because people joked that he didn't know who JT was.

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Anyway, as sure as apples are apples, we knew that when Kylie Jenner introduced the name of her newborn 'surprise' baby there would be jokes.

Well, a joke, anyway:

Something about a weather report alongside Stormi's cousin's names Reign, North West and Chicago.

What we did not see coming, however, was a meme being made out of the first glimpse of little Stormi.

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, with a whopping 14.9m likes (and counting), Jenner posted a snap of her daughter clutching her manicured pink thumb.

A mere hours after the picture was up, a meme was born, and it's good.

The picture depicts the snapshot with some small swatch samples photoshopped onto the infant's inner arm with the caption 'That was fast…' above it.

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Glory mogul Jenner is notorious for using her of her sell-out Kylie Cosmetics. Though, we're not confident Jenner thinks Stormi is up to the job just yet.

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