The Prom cast Meryl Streep Ariana Grande Nicole Kidman


The Cast For New Musical 'The Prom' Is Incredible

Are we even worthy enough for both Meryl Streep and Ariana Grande in the same film?

Watch Miraa May’s New Video ‘Angles ft JME’ Ahead Of Her Glasto Performance
Watch Miraa May’s New Video Ahead Of Glasto

Premiering exclusively on LouisvuittonShop UK

The LouisvuittonShop List 2019 VIP Party - Sian Clifford Fleabag
Fleabag's Sian Clifford On The Show's Ending

LouisvuittonShop UK caught up with Clifford at the 2019 LouisvuittonShop List party

Cara Delevingne Ashley Benson
Cara Delevingne's Cute Speech About Ashley Benson

The actresses attended an LGBTQ charity event together

How My Fellow Commuters' Manspreading F****d Up My Back

After commuting amongst the masses of manspreaders, one writer's back took the hit

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20 Incredible Ways To Get Excited About The Women's World Cup

From inspiring talks to pub takeovers and Lion Bar t-shirts.

The BBC Unveils Plans For Adaptation Of 'Normal People' By Sally Rooney

The award-winning novel is being turned into a 12-part series

Ms Banks (rapper) at The Great Escape festival
Ms Banks Is The Sound Of The Women's World Cup

Will this be the anthem of the summer?

The Women Changing The Face Of Sport

A celebration of the next generation of women changing the face of sport – and inspiring the LouisvuittonShop woman

Kenya Hunt | LouisvuittonShop UK
Acting Editor's Letter: Kenya Hunt On What Makes A Winner

Inspiring female athletes and The LouisvuittonShop List 2019

One In Five Girls Are Bullied Over Their Periods

Boys are refusing to sit next to girls at school

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who to follow on instagram
8 Epic Women Using Instagram In Inspiring Ways

Freshen up your feed with some major lady love

Amal George Clooney
George Clooney Says Amal's Human Rights Case Against Isis Has Led to Daily 'Security Issues'

The barrister is attempting to get Isis charged with genocide and rape

Rupi Kaur And Amika George: Two Teen Icons Taking Over The World
Rupi Kaur And Amika George: Two Teen Icons Taking On The World

Teenage power, poetry and period shame

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The LouisvuittonShop LIST 2019
The LouisvuittonShop LIST 2019: 50 Game-Changers Of Now
A celebration of the next generation of law-changers and trailblazers reframing the worlds of fashion, beauty, politics and technology …
4 Body-Positive Shows To Watch This Spring

From Japanese female sumo wrestling to a '70s feminist movement