The Best Luxury Candles That Your 'Bougie' Home Needs This Year

From Bella Freud to Byredo, the best scented candles that money can buy

Best scented candles of all time shopping gallery

Great lighting: check. A vintage-inspired velvet couch: check. Art on the walls: check. And the final touches to an apartment worthy of even the most discernible of interior decorators? Well, it's got to be a set of delicious smelling scents from the purveyors of some of the finest home fragrances around. From Bella Freud to Byredo, we've got the best scented candles that (not even that much) money can buy.

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Fornasetti Nuvola Mistero Candle
Fornasetti Nuvola Mistero

If a candle could be high fashion, it would be Fornasetti's. A piece of art in itself, when you've finally burnt to the end of this mega three wick candle, use the printed jar to store your make-up brushes.

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Jo Malone English Oak & Redcurrant Candle
Jo Malone English Oak & Redcurrant

It's not a candle gallery without Jo Malone involved. The experts in making a room smell expensive and totally delicious have nailed it with this woody scented candle that's a less cliché twist on the classic festive room fragrance.

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Atkinsons Aqua Britannica
Atkinsons Aqua Britannica

The most patriotic candle ever, Atkinsons' typically British scented candle makes the most amazing coffee table centre piece.

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Tom Dixon Oil Candle
Tom Dixon Oil

The coolest candle brand on the block, Tom Dixon's oil candle smells as epic as it looks. We dare you not to burn it...

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Cabbages & Roses Tuberose And Ylang
Cabbages & Roses Tuberose And Ylang

Smells like your garden but way better and comes with its very own ceramic lid (to protect from dust) and cute instructions on how to care for your candle.

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Jo Loves Smoked Plum & Leather Candle
Jo Loves Smoked Plum & Leather

The legendary nose of Jo Malone means this candle has a subtle nuance of old leather and smoke meets fruity plum and crushed cinnamon. One for the complex scent fans.

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Champagne And Pomelo
Champagne And Pomelo

Available at  - £30 

Ticking off the fresh and opulent boxes in one hit, the citrus undertones of Florence Verity's first candle offering is sure to hit the right note. And look hella pretty on your fireplace / bed side table / any flat surface. 

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Best scented candles - mandarin and prosecco candle
Clementine Prosecco

A 'clementine prosecco' candle? Literally the 'bougie' millennial candle of dreams, no? Available at  for £30.

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best scented candles - from london with love Christian & Filippa
From London With Love

Available from  - £39

The 'From London With Love' scented candle by Christian & Filippa has become a bit of a cult classic at this point. With a scent that is evocative of the British capital city - a whiff of roses, to conjure images of Columbia road's flower stands and an addition of some fresh jasmine - this is the best scented candle for a modern London home. 

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The Time Is Now Candle
The Time Is Now

Available at  - £24

Mmmh sandalwood and vanilla, pretty much a scent combo that will please anybody as it's the best of both worlds - nutty and musky but also quite sweet. 

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best scented candles - bella freud ginsberg is god
Ginsberg Is God

Available at  - £45

Bella Freud candles are about as 'bougie' as it gets. Especially with beatnik slogans like 'Ginsberg is God'. Fig and tomato scented.

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best scented candles - Tom Ford's tobacco vanille candle
Tobacco Vanille

Available at  - £80

Okay, we'll be the first to admit that the people willing to shell out eighty quid on a candle are few and far between. But, we can promise you that if you do decide to fork out, it will be one of the most delicious-smelling, bougie candles you will ever own in your life. 

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soohyang candle Itaewon 565 - pink candle gift
Itaewon 565

A brand named after its founder (Kim Soohyang) and a candle named after the address of her original store (Itaewon 565), here is a candle imbued with generous significance. It also doesn't hurt that the packaging is so deliciously pink and that the candle itself smells like bathing in a tub full of freshly plucked petals.

Currently available  and the candle will be available online in a couple of weeks.

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Noctula Candle

Available from 

A fruity flowery scent, but enough about that. Have you seen the incredible painted ceramic?! What a great home accessory. 

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diptyque mimosa scented candle

Available at  - £24-45

A candle that reminds you both of Spring, but also the sea? Sign us up. Any sophisticated house is bound to require a Diptyque candle.

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best scented candles - molton brown's black peppercorn scented candle
Black Peppercorn

Available at  - £36

Not satisfied with dominating the bodywash and lotion world Molton Brown, of course, produce champion scented candles. This deep, musky one is our fave. 

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woody vanilla candle for the home
Woody Vanilla

Vanilla smells can be a little too sickly sweet for some, which is why it's nice to have it offset with something like amber or cedar. Rituals' 'Woody Vanilla' is just right.

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best scented candle le labo santal
Santal 26

Available at  - £51

Santal 26 is a good entry point into Le Labo candles, as it's a delicate, sweeter version of their iconic Santal 33. Smoky, leathery but with added vanilla. Seriously yum.

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Wood Ash

Can't quite make it over to one of California's famous red wood forests this year, but you'd like to evoke some of that mood in your living room. Baxter of California's 'wood ash' candle is the one for you.

Available at - £60

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Spirit Lamp Best scented candles -
Spirit Lamp

Available at  - £58

A subtle, unusual smell, the D.S. & Durga  'Spirit Lamp' candle is musky at first, but you quickly get a whiff of the peachy, sweet gingery undercurrent. This is one for the yogis among your friends. 

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Rock Salt & Driftwood Candle
Rock Salt & Driftwood

The Rock Salt & Driftwood candle by CocoFour is a nice, refreshing scent that will remind you of a walk along the beach on a summery day. A great gift for the lighter months and the simple aesthetic makes it an addition to most homes. 

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Byredo Bohemia Candle

Available at  - £54

Vanilla and sandalwood is a fairly popular combination of scents, given that it provides for that woody oakiness that you associate with high quality furniture, but also that spark of sweetness that you get in a well aired home. 

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Best scented candle - neom scent to de stress lavender candle
Scent to De-Stress

Available at  - £45 and also available in smaller sizes .

Feeling a little wound up? Or know somebody who could do with taking a chill pill? Well this Neom candle is basically chill vibes in candle form. De-stress with this rich lavender based candle.

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best scented candles petits rituels

 Available at  - £36

The packaging is so pretty we almost wish we could display it with the candle, but alas, our dressers are too full. A blend of Rose Geranium, French Lavender and Petitgrain, this candle is evocative of the British countryside.

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Best scented candles - rose d' orient IDEO parfumeurs white home candle
Rose D'Orient

 Available at  - £35

'Rose d' Orient' by IDEO Parfumers is an intense smell that will remind you of incense and ouds from the Middle East, but while it's quite rich, it is also feminine and has a softer second aroma.

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Best scented candles -
Jurassic Flower

Available at  - £49

'Jurassic Flower' is a terrific name for a candle. And though it sounds a little harsh - like we ought to expect smells of a long forgotten giant lizard inhabited land - the actual scent is super delicate and pretty, with sweet fruits and lavender notes. The candle holder is also perfect for a modern home and would be well placed next to a piece of contemporary art. 

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Kikki K Oh So Sweet Candle
Oh So Sweet

Available at  - £12

Erm, hello adorable candle with little bunny rabbits and kittens on it?! Kikki.K's 'Oh So Sweet' candle is officially the most ridiculously cute scented candle in this collection. And it's mini too, which makes it the best little gift. It's scented with sweet pear and ginger, making it as lovely smelling as it is cute. 

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Balancing Candle

58 'balancing' travel candle - 

For the regular work traveller, this will be a welcome addition to your suitcase. Constant planes, trains and automobiles can be a stressful existence, so anything that adds a little balance and meditation to your hectic life is a bonus. 

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best scented candle feu de bois
Feu De Bois

Available from  - £60

A classic from Diptyque and a great candle for the cosier winter months, due to its warm, woody fragrance. 

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Comfort Candle

Available at  - £34

An aromatherapy spa in your own home, this is a great candle to stock in your luxe new bathroom, for times of bubbles and unwinding with a good book.

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