Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February

Wednesday 15, August

Balance is the key to everything today, Aquarius. Avoid extremes and stick to the middle ground whenever possible. Even if people push you to the edge and you feel tempted to bust out an aggressive retort, just count to ten and let the anger pass. Peace is totally the way to go under the current stars.

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Tuesday 14, August

Today's lunar energy is exceptionally sweet and harmonious. Especially when you compare this to recent eclipse insanity and other Mars -induced stress, you'll really appreciate the serenity. It's a time to find harmony with those you most adore again. Let any rows or perceived enemies fall to the wayside now. Focus on the love.

Monday 13, August

As if you haven't had enough change already, more is on the way, Aquarius. It's actually more like processing what has already happened; expect more transformation to your current existence. Trust that you are getting close to the life you truly want. Just relinquish all that stands in your way of that.

Sunday 12, August

With Mars Retrograde shifting back into your house of dreams for the next few weeks, prepare to feel a bit of unexpressed rage, Aquarius. You may find yourself thinking about events and experiences from last spring, but the good news is that you can finally resolve anything that frustrated you at the time.

Saturday 11, August

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign has arrived for real, Aquarius - no more time to prep. This is a monumental moment in your stars, one that is part of a 2-year journey to achieving your healthiest relationship yet. Focus on this during the next six months and your immersion in self-love will be unstoppable.

Friday 10, August

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse lands in your opposite sign tomorrow, so if you're feeling overwhelmed, you've got a great excuse to opt-out of any emerging drama. Relationships can be particularly fraught for the next few days, so tread lightly with partners, both professional and personal.

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Thursday 09, August

The planet of rules and the planet of love are gearing up for a row just a few days before the Solar Eclipse in your relationship zone. In other words, be wary of starting anything you can't stop with your partner. Tensions are rising for your one-to-one alliances right now, and you should use this as an opportunity to improve relationships.

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