Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February

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Wednesday 17, October

The Moon is in your own wild stars, Aquarius darling! This is your monthly peak cycle, and it's going to last a few glorious days. Enjoy every moment of your time as the star of stars. Charm is pumping through your veins right now, and no one is able to get enough time with you.

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Aquarius monthly horoscope

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Tuesday 16, October

With lunar energy flooding your house of dreams today, you might have a bit of trouble fully waking up, Aquarius. This might seem like a recipe for loads of caffeine, but trust that staying connected to the deepest reaches of your psyche can work in your favour throughout the day - it might make you wildly creative.

Monday 15, October

Venus Retrograde is amplified today, so don't be surprised if all you can think about is love, sex or money. Mercury is joining up with the planet of beauty and romance, so at least you should be able to think more clearly about everything for the next few days.

Sunday 14, October

The Moon and Saturn are aligned today for a crash course in all things practical. It's heavy for sure and the pressure is real. Just don't be so hard on yourself that you become immobilized out of fear and reprimand yourself. Be gentle yet pragmatic and all will turn out just fine.

Saturday 13, October

Today's Moon-Neptune square is creating a lot of murky confusion all around. No one is quite clear where the boundaries are, which makes for messy emotional situations. This is so not your jam, Aquarius. You loathe chaos and feelings spilling into your world. You prefer clarity and keeping it real.

Friday 12, October

Today's Sun-Pluto fight is stirring up all kinds of power struggles. As much as you prefer to sit back and watch with detachment and amusement, it will be hard not to jump into battle. That's because all of your anger triggers and reactive buttons are getting pushed at once.

Thursday 11, October

The Moon and Jupiter are in alliance today, bringing you the best of the best for your career. You can dream as big and decadently as you wish. The support and good luck are in ample abundance. It's time to break out and live large, Aquarius. Trust in the shower of blessings now.

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