Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February

aquarius horoscope
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Wednesday 16, January

The Moon is still hanging out in your home zone for one last day, Aquarius. Spending time in your sanctuary is the perfect remedy to soothe any recent stress. The more quiet and mellow time spent away from the crowds and hustle, the happier you are. Contentment is your number one priority under the current down to earth stars.

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Tuesday 15, January

Today's lunar energy is ideal for taking a day off at home and just relaxing. You will adore playing homebody and going slow. A lovely meal that you linger over for hours could be in order. The more sensual the pleasures and the slower the pace, the better you feel. It's a day to truly mellow out and enjoy life.

Monday 14, January

The Moon meets up with the erratic and unpredictable Uranus today in your communication zone. Watch for aggressive if not angry words flying right out of your mouth or from your fingers as you text something that lands you in hot water. Better to count to ten before hitting send or saying something that could hurt.

Sunday 13, January

The planet of dreams squares the planet of optimism for the first of three times this year, and you're about to get a sense of what this tug-of-war might feel like, Aquarius. The good news is that Saturn and Mercury should provide the grounding you need to stay a bit practical - at least for now.

Friday 11, January

The Sun and Pluto join forces in your house of dreams early today, and it might be a bit difficult to process what you're feeling. Since it's potentially so overwhelming, aim to write down anything you can remember when you wake up the next few mornings. There is really important information moving through your psyche, Aquarius.

Thursday 10, January

The Sun and Pluto are coming close together and even though the conjunction isn't exact until tomorrow, you're definitely already feeling it deep in your psyche. Remember last weekend's eclipse? This could feel like a redux of sorts, but with less pain and more letting go this time.

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