Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Sunday 25th February

It's a busy Sunday in the stars, Aquarius. Passionate Mars and sweet Venus are in a flirting war, while Neptune and Mercury merge in your money zone. Your taste for decadence could be totally beyond over the top for the remainder of the weekend. You may be inclined to shop like there's no tomorrow – but you might consider looking at your bank balance first. 

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Saturday 24th February

There is a big lunar shift later in the day, taking you from too many thoughts to too many feelings. You prefer the former, Aquarius, but sometimes you have to just feel your emotions. It's better to express them than to suppress them and find yourself in a grumpy mood later on.

Friday 23rd February

Today's First Quarter Moon is bringing all the love, Aquarius. It lights up your romance zone and inspires you to express your heart through conversations, texts and all forms of verbal communication. Putting your emotions into words is the key to keeping the good feelings flowing through this next cycle.


Thursday 22nd February

With the Moon in Taurus until late day/early evening, you're still focused on domestic issues for a while longer. If you have neglected to deal with a family member or a home-maintenance issue, this would be a good time to attend to it. It may be as simple as making a call to the right person.

Wednesday 21st February

There is so much glam in the air you'll hardly know what to do with yourself today, Aquarius. The planet of dreams is getting together with the planet of money and love, and it's all happening in your house of material possessions. In other words, your tastes are next level today, and it might be hard to resist pretty things, especially if they're festooned with sequins.

Tuesday 20th February

You are feeling like a total homebody under the current stars. Don't fight the feeling because it will only make you grumpy and more stubborn later. You need and deserve this time to just lay low and get grounded. Why push yourself to be more social when you don't feel like it?

Monday 19th February

Your social life is nothing short of fabulous today, Aquarius. You love to surround yourself with both the humorous and the sassy and you'll have all that and then some. Enjoy the ideal company to lift your spirits and keep you inspired all day long. This is just your kind of vibe.

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