Pisces daily horoscope

20 February - 20 March

Wednesday 26, September

The focus on money continues for one more day. Now that you know what your wounds and fears are regarding finances, you can make the necessary changes and take the calculated risks that will improve your cash flow. You have the talent and ingenuity, now it's just about taking action.

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Tuesday 25, September

The stars are quite inflammatory at the moment, Pisces. Avoid saying or doing things out of frustration that you will later wish you hadn't. Over-reacting is easy to do when all of your buttons are getting pushed at once. Just count to ten and breathe deeply before responding. Wait for the anger to pass.

Monday 24, September

Today's Full Moon could trigger some major impulse buys or spending sprees against your better judgment. There's a sense of urgency that is not rational under the current lunation, so you might want to leave your credit card at home just to be safe. Let the mood pass and then you can assess more reasonably if you really need to make the splurge.

Sunday 23, September

The Full Moon in Aries is coming, and you almost don't need us to tell you that, Pisces - you're sensitive enough to know that something major is up with the stars. People are a bit on edge and even angry right now, so steer clear of anyone that makes you uncomfortable.

Saturday 22, September

The Fall Equinox arrives today, making it a super special Saturday. This is a day for tuning into yourself, and trying to achieve the balance that is usually elusive. The Sun will be in your house of sex and intimacy for the next four weeks, Pisces, so everything in your life is going to be totally hot.

Friday 21, September

Mercury shifts into Libra today, spending the next few weeks in your house of sex. Yes, Pisces, intimacy is on your mind and you're totally willing to talk about it. In fact, conversations about pleasure and sexuality may dominate your life in late September and early October.

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Thursday 20, September

Mercury and the Sun are conjunct in your relationship zone today, Pisces. This is pure fire for your partnerships - both personal and professional. It can bring deep illumination to this area of your life, but it can also make you feel like you might get burned. Your potential for passion is unlimited.

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