Pisces daily horoscope

20 February - 20 March

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Tuesday 11, December

The Moon is in your dream zone today, Pisces. You might prefer to hide out in your preferred sanctuary, at least at the end of the day when you have fewer responsibilities. It's possible to feel out of it or a bit tired, but that's normal - you're just prepping for your peak energy phase.

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Monday 10, December

You've got loads of charisma, especially with friends and colleagues. As the Moon spends one last day in your networking zone, you should definitely work the room, or at least work your social media feeds. Collaboration is your best path forward on all fronts, Pisces.

Sunday 09, December

Today the Moon meets up with the planet of deep, personal transformation. This is an all or nothing influence pushing you into your darker shadow self. The sooner you're willing to face those harsher parts of your nature that you've previously rejected, the sooner you will reclaim a lot of energy.

Saturday 08, December

The Moon and Saturn align in your house of friendships, wishes and long-term goals today. You are getting crystal clear on your priorities under the current influence. Don't lose precious time worrying about the inconsequential issues when you know you've got much bigger fish to fry going into 2019, Pisces.

Friday 07, December

This is your year-end reminder to pause and reset, Pisces. Your career is on the verge of blowing up in 2019, so use today's New Moon to take a much-needed breather and catch up on all things that will enhance your long-term goals and vision. You know what your soul needs.

Thursday 06, December

Everything has taken far longer than it should have over the last few weeks - thanks to Mercury Retrograde. The fabulous news is that it's officially over as of today, but it may take a few weeks to get all your momentum back. Watch for all of the revelations that unfold between now and the end of the year, Pisces.

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Wednesday 05, December

Your feelings rule everything around you at the moment, Pisces. There is no escaping your intense emotions under the current stars. The Moon and Mercury Retrograde are joining forces to push your mind to the most extreme places. This can help move you out of any comfort zones.

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