Aries daily horoscope

21 March - 20 April

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Wednesday 17, October

The Moon is in groovy Aquarius today, allowing you to wave your freak flag sky high, Aries. You've been dying to do this for weeks and now's your chance, especially with your friends. Dare to be the opposite of boring and expected - it'll spike your creativity and your ambition.

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Tuesday 16, October

The astro-vibe is a bit more serious today, but in a useful and super practical way. With the Moon in Capricorn, you can get directly into the soul of your highest ambitions, Aries. Who do you want to be and what kind of impact do you want to make on the world? Your career is limitless at the moment: go get 'em!

Monday 15, October

The Venus Retrograde vibes deepen and swell today, Aries. With Mercury, the planet of talking and thinking, merging with the planet of love, you can't stop obsessing about how you process relationships and sex. This can be maddening but also helpful - even if you feel a little unhinged right now, know that you can use what you learn for your future partnerships.

Sunday 14, October

Things go from dreamy to somber today as the Moon merges with reality-checking Saturn. It's easy to fall into pits of negativity and despair from stressful matters. Try not to focus on lack, as tempting as it may be at the moment. The dark clouds will soon clear and you'll be back to your bubbly Aries spirit in no time.

Saturday 13, October

Things are not quite what they seem today, Aries. The Moon is squaring Neptune and adding a lovely rose-colored tinge to everything. Illusions can be wonderfully glamorous but they can also get you into trouble when you meet the reality lurking beneath. Stay in touch with the facts.

Friday 12, October

Power struggles abound under the Sun square Pluto war today. Luckily, your sense of humor is on point and truly your best defense mechanism under the current intensity. Don't get caught up in situations that you know will send your blood pressure through the roof. Better to walk away and keep your peace of mind.

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Thursday 11, October

It's easy to go to extremes today, Aries. There is a sense of over-indulgence and excess permeating the cosmic atmosphere, compliments of the Scorpio Moon hugging it out with expansive Jupiter. You likely won't know your limits nor will anyone else. When in doubt, opt on the conservative side to be safe.

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