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21 April - 21 May

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Wednesday 16, January

The Moon spends most of the day in your stars again, Taurus. Celebrate all of your favourite things at your desired pace. You can't stand being pushed or rushed when all you want to do is linger. Take your time and savour every moment. You can get back to the frenzy tomorrow (or not).

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Tuesday 15, January

The Moon moves into your sweet and serene stars today, Taurus. You're back in your slow and mellow flow. There's absolutely no reason to feel rushed and every reason to linger on all of your favourite delights. All sensual pleasures take on extra power now. Just let yourself indulge, darling.

Monday 14, January

The restless vibes continue today, Taurus. Everyone seems to be totally off the wall with wacky and erratic behaviors. Don't try to make sense of any of it. Chalk it up to the bizarre Moon-Uranus energy floating through the sky today. It's one of those days to just go with the weird flow.

Sunday 13, January

You're experiencing a fundamental shift in your philosophy, Taurus, but it might be frustrating at first. Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in your house of travel and culture, so you're thinking your way through to a new worldview. Don't rush anything - including short trips and big ideas.

Friday 11, January

The Sun-Pluto conjunction continues to influence the cosmic energy in the early part of the day - expect major intensity and emotional overwhelm. But know that by late afternoon, the Moon will be void and you'll be free to create a totally new vibe based purely on your own brand of inspiration.

Thursday 10, January

Tomorrow's Sun-Pluto conjunction is today's news, Taurus. It's particularly relevant if you have any unfinished business from last weekend's eclipse. You might feel like that is still weighing on you, and this would be a perfect moment to take a deep cleansing breath and let it go.

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