Taurus daily horoscope

21 April - 21 May


Monday 26th February 

The Moon is in your house of communication today, making you ripe for dialogue both in person and via text and email. You're super articulate yet also deeply in touch with your feelings – nothing you say or write will seem superficial or trite, Taurus. Express yourself without a single reservation. 

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Sunday 25th February

Your ruling planet Venus is slow dancing with her lover Mars today – but it's not at all clear who is leading this time. A mix of sweetness and spice makes for a flirtatious, dreamy, and amazing combination. Whether you're currently single or in a long-term relationship, you will have some trouble resisting the art of eyelash batting this Sunday. 

Saturday 24th February

The Moon is pushing into you some very mushy and sensitive feelings at the moment, Taurus. You may feel moody, melancholic and just over it for no reason at all. Give yourself plenty of space to have a tantrum if that's what your body needs. You can't fight the feelings today, nor should you even try.


Friday 23rd February

It's all about your money today, Taurus. The First Quarter Moon is reminding you to take stock of what you have and what you still need to make and save for your bigger goals. Anything you put into motion will catch some serious momentum over the next few weeks, so go for it. 

Thursday 22nd February 

The Moon remains in your sign for most of the day today, Taurus, so revel in it as much as you can. This is your peak-energy phase, when all eyes are on you and you're glowing from within. It only happens once a month so tune in and turn on to your own awesome lunar powers.

Wednesday 21st February

This is one of those exceptionally beautiful days, Taurus. Not only is the Moon in your own sign in what we call your peak-energy phase, but your ruler Venus is locked in an embrace with Neptune. The magic is strong right now, and you are at the very centre of it. 

Tuesday 20th February

The Moon is moving into your stars today, giving you every reason to do what you do best: relax. You will adore the sweet and mellow pace with no reason to rush or stress. Taking time to simply linger in what you adore is the key to your happiness. Celebrate beauty in order to follow your bliss. 

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