Gemini daily horoscope

22 May - 21 June

Tuesday 25, September

Your social life is still raging, Gemini. The fierce and fiery lunation has you in constant demand. Your creativity is also off the charts at the moment, so you'll crave time alone to dream and scheme. Your long-term goals and wishes are dominating the scene so write them all down with workable deadlines to get them out of your head and into a concrete form.

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Monday 24, September

Your social life is lit today, Gemini. The Full Moon is lighting up your friends' zone and putting you in crazy-high demand from morning until you hit your pillow. You'll have to pace yourself and be sure to decline anything that doesn't thrill you. Don't worry -- you'll have plenty of alternatives (read: an overload of options).

Sunday 23, September

Reclaim your calm, Gemini. With tomorrow's Full Moon and your ruler's square to Saturn (exact tonight) it might be challenging to find your center - but you must. If you allow yourself to get caught up on mindless minutiae, you'll be more stressed out. Get off your gadgets and out into nature.

Saturday 22, September

Today is the Fall Equinox, a moment of sweetness and balance. The next four weeks bring the Sun's illumination into your sister sign, and your full attention to love, romance, pleasure and mega-creativity. This is one of the loveliest times of the year for you. You're unstoppable right now, Gemini.

Friday 21, September

Your ruling planet is on the move just before the weekend, and the energy shift will light up your life over the next few weeks. With Mercury in sweet and tolerant Libra, romance, pleasure and creativity are your triple-threat theme. This is your sister air sign so it should feel like you're completely in your element during the coming days and weeks.

Thursday 20, September

Your ruler Mercury is in super close cahoots with the Sun today - and this is major news for your stars. This makes you even smarter than you were already born to be, and that's really saying something. Expect big-time illumination for your domestic life - that's where this energy is shining brightest.

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Wednesday 19, September

Take a deep breath or five, Gemini - especially if you couldn't let yourself take one yesterday. The Mars-Uranus square has passed and life it's looking a lot more peaceful and easy. It'll keep getting better over the next few days, so even if you still feel less than stable, you have something to look forward to.

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