Gemini daily horoscope

22 May - 21 June

Thursday 24th May

The love buzz continues today, Gemini. The Moon is cruising through your house of romance and pleasure. Focus on what you adore and shower your loved ones with as much goodness as you can muster. It will all quickly and effortlessly flow right back to you under the current stars.

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Wednesday 23rd May

Today's lunar energy is ideal for all of your communication needs. Creativity is off the charts as well. Don't worry about tackling every single thing on your list because there is simply just too much that you want to make happen at once; it's easy to spread yourself thin. Pace yourself, darling. 

Tuesday 22nd May

The stars are reminding you how powerful it is when you focus and
finish, Gemini. You have an outstanding amount of concentration and efficiency
that can be applied to anything you put your mind to. Think about long-term
goals instead of quick fixes for optimal results.

Monday 21st May

The First Quarter Moon is upon us and it's bringing out your inner hermit today. Hiding away and geeking out over your latest obsession is where it's at now. You may have to go offline for just a bit so others can't find you and entice you to come out to play.

Sunday 20th May

Your birthday season begins tonight, Gemini! This is a reason to start celebrating posthaste, even if you're a June-born twin. Yes, your time in the Sun has arrived and it will last for four lovely, ego-boosting weeks. Just do you and everything wonderful will surely follow – you are a manifestation machine right now.

Saturday 19th May

With Venus moving out of your sign today, there's no reason to complain, Gemini. Sure, having the romantic spotlight on you for the last few weeks has been lovely, but your financial zone is about to get some serious fringe benefits from the planet of love and beauty. This means life is about to get super lucrative.

Friday 18th May

The Moon left your sign last night, so the next few days are all about major moneymaking. You'll see how this theme gets even more powerful tomorrow as Venus moves into the same part of your chart. But for now, attune your emotions to your financial needs and know that the security you want is accessible. 

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