Gemini daily horoscope

22 May - 21 June

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Tuesday 11, December

The Moon is Aquarius, your sister air sign, and that should provide some super fine sensations, Gemini. This is one of those lunar phases when you simply feel safe in your own skin. That sense of security might make you extremely adventurous as well.

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Monday 10, December

Happy Monday, Gemini! The Moon is still in your house of transformation, and now the timing is a lot better than it was yesterday! Note that with the lunar energy clashing with Uranus, the planet of surprise - ANYTHING GOES. Something totally unexpected could happen - be willing to go deep.

Sunday 09, December

Today's Moon-Pluto convergence puts the pressure on you to make those deeper changes you've been avoiding. Yes, this could mean facing some of your fears, weaknesses and shadow material. To acknowledge insecurities allows you to get stronger and move beyond them. Avoiding or denying them only makes it worse.

Saturday 08, December

Today's Moon-Saturn confluence is a bit heavy to say the least. You'll need your wits about you, Gemini. Don't take life too seriously and most importantly don't take yourself too seriously. It's all too easy to get down on yourself over the silliest little things. Just focus on the bigger picture.

Friday 07, December

Relationships come to the fore now that the New Moon lights up your house of others. Set your intentions for the next six months of improved partnership dynamics. Are you living your truth? How can you be more open, expansive and generous when it comes to honoring your beloved?

Thursday 06, December

Great news today, Gemini. Your ruling planet Mercury is finally coming out of retrograde after driving you batty for the past few weeks. There have been many wonderful lessons, but the day-to-day details have been nonstop annoying. You're so ready for a break from the madness and you're about to get it.

Wednesday 05, December

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There is a powerful convergence between the Moon and Mercury today, Gemini. This intensity mainly affects your daily rituals and work life. It's essential to channel the energy into something you feel passionately about. The current astro-vibe is rather all or nothing, so it's better to be obsessed with what you love.

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