Cancer daily horoscope

22 June - 22 July

Wednesday 26, September

The Moon is still lighting up the top of your horoscope for one last day, Cancer. Take full advantage of this influence to push out any major projects or announcements into the world while the energy is ripe! You're more impulsive than usual, which could work to your advantage now.

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Tuesday 25, September

The fiery force continues today with the Moon lighting up the top of your horoscope. Career themes are still top priority. You might lose your patience with some aspects of worldly life, and yet you know that what you need most of all is to just power through without pitching a fit or wanting to quit. It's tempting to just throw in the towel under pressure.

Monday 24, September

There's a Full Moon today, Cancer, and it's lighting up the tip-top of your horoscope. You have so much going on professionally at the moment that it could feel totally overwhelming. Just trust that you are making major progress. Think back to what started last spring and watch for the full bloom. This is the Harvest Moon after all.

Sunday 23, September

The Full Moon is coming tomorrow and you can feel it in every fiber of your being, Cancer. You're ruled by lunar energy, of course, so you've felt fiery for days already. And the upcoming square between Mercury and Saturn is not helping. Home, family and career issues are all on the table - use restraint and practice self-care.

Saturday 22, September

There's a perfect balance of day and night today, Cancer. It's time to find your inner equilibrium. The Sun moves into your house of home on the occasion of the Fall Equinox, making the next four weeks awesome for nesting. Whether it's Netflix and chill or your own version of 24/7 Hygge, you're all about your personal sanctuary right now.

Friday 21, September

The planet in charge of communication and thinking is moving into Libra today - that's the sign that rules your home zone. This sets in motion a few weeks of domestic bliss, Cancer - your mind is super sharp and your conversations with family are equally deep and sweet.

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Thursday 20, September

The Sun and Mercury are meeting up in Virgo today, bringing intense illumination to your house of communication. Your mind is on absolute fire at the moment - you're a total brainiac, Cancer. Don't waste it - spend some time writing or at least jotting down brilliant ideas.

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