Cancer daily horoscope

22 June - 22 July

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Tuesday 11, December

The Moon is in singular Aquarius, the sign of everything strange and eccentric. For the next few days you might be moved to think about the parts of yourself that you usually deny. Can you embrace your inner weirdo and nurture it for a little while? This can make you wildly creative.

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Monday 10, December

The Moon remains in your opposite sign through the evening, intensifying your one-to-one relationships. This can impact both your personal and professional partnerships. With the added influence of erratic Uranus to the astro-mix, expect a surprise or five. You definitely won't know the outcome ahead of time.

Sunday 09, December

There is a powerful confluence between the Moon and Pluto landing in your relationship zone today. You're ready to face the more difficult aspects of your most intimate one-to-one interactions and see your part in the stress or strain of the dynamic. To own your weakness only makes you stronger.

Saturday 08, December

There is a somber influence today as your ruling luminary, the Moon, aligns with Saturn. Although it might weigh heavy on your mood, it's excellent for focusing and streamlining when it comes to your commitments. You're able to say no without the guilt. Setting boundaries looks so good on you, darling.

Friday 07, December

Today's New Moon brings the fresh start and positive energy you've longed for, Cancer. It's been such an emotionally messy and challenging week thus far. You could use a little dose of positivity in your life. It's here and asking you to put your focus on the good things you wish to call in over the next six months.

Thursday 06, December

Hurray, Mercury Retrograde is officially finished as of today! Communication will slowly but surely get back on track. Give it a few days before you jump the gun and commit to big things or make major decisions. You're still in a minor holding pattern - start out slowly.

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Wednesday 05, December

The stars are passionate, intense and full of healing potential at the morning. The Moon, your guiding luminary, is joining up with Mercury, about to come out of retrograde. If ever there was a day to have the talk you've been dying to have with a loved one, it's now.

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