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22 June - 22 July


Monday 26th February

The Moon is in your sign until the evening, Cancer, so make the most of the last day of your peak-energy phase. Your confidence is likely to be high and you're unlikely to be deterred by negativity. You know what you want and when and how you want it – now go get it!

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Sunday 25th February

There's a lot happening in the stars today, Cancer – the cosmos are not having a lazy Sunday. Mars and Venus are in a square, making relationships equal parts flirtatious and challenging. And with Mercury and Neptune conjunct in your sister water sign Pisces, words are totally unnecessary – intuition and body language will lead the way. 


Saturday 24th February

The Moon moves into your very own stars late tonight, Cancer. You are toggling between overthinking and throwing a big emotional tantrum. You might do both and then call it a day. In any case, your sensitivities are at a peak, so hold off on any major reactions or decisions until you feel less triggered.

Friday 23rd February

Today's First Quarter Moon is perfect for getting you back in touch with your dreams, Cancer. Your mind is working non-stop and your thoughts can lead you either up or down. It's better to let your imagination take you to beautiful rather than worrisome places. It's all a matter of focus.


Thursday 22nd February

The Moon is still in your social zone for another few hours before it moves into your dream zone late tonight. You'll be motivated to make connections and honor collaborations through the end of the workday, but after that you may be less inclined to reach out. Your best bet is to make calls and send emails before you need to retreat within. 

Wednesday 21st February

There is major romance on the astro-agenda today, Cancer – with a significant side order of wanderlust. Glory-obsessed Venus and dreamy Neptune are moving in concert through Pisces, your sister water sign. It's just about as magical as it gets – your head is likely to be in the clouds.

Tuesday 20th February

You're in the mood for quality time with your tribe today, Cancer. If this could also include a luscious group dinner, all the better. Your ideal day includes the perfect combination of company and cookery. Keep your schedule light so you don't have to rush the leisure.

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