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23 July - 23 August

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Tuesday 16, October

With the Moon in Capricorn today, you can tap into essential practical energy - just the kind that you need in the white-hot center of Venus Retrograde. You've been off the romantic rails lately and you know it, Leo. Take a lesson from the stars and regain your cool, calm, collected self for a moment.

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Monday 15, October

Mercury moves into a close conjunction with Venus Retrograde this Monday, starting the week on a very intense note. The immersion in pure, unbridled passion that's persisted for the last few weeks isn't going anywhere - but at least you can get something of an intellectual grip on it today.

Sunday 14, October

Today's Moon-Saturn influence is nothing short of somber and melancholy. If you can channel the darkness into something creative, you'll avoid needless suffering. It's a bit heavy but it's a passing mood and doesn't have to bring you all the way down into the dumps, Leo.

Saturday 13, October

The creative energies are fabulous today, Leo. As long as you're not trying to decipher reality from fantasy, you're golden. Nothing is quite what it seems at the moment, so take everything you see and hear with a healthy dose of skepticism. Wait until you have all of the facts.

Friday 12, October

Don't let your ego have its way with you today, Leo. The Sun and Pluto are fighting in the sky and it's creating a lot tension and power struggles between the humans below. You can always opt out and choose love instead of fear. If others seem determined to control you, just bow out of the whole dynamic gracefully.

Thursday 11, October

Today's lunar energy is ideal for deep contemplation. The amount of insights streaming in are nothing short of phenomenal, Leo. It might be hard to pull you outside of your feelings and depths at the moment, but this is a blessing. The world can wait. You are in a powerful process of healing and transformation.

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Wednesday 10, October

You would rather just hide out at home from the stormy emotional weather out there. If you can lay low, by all means go for it, Leo. You'll be much happier in your own little world than trying to fight losing battles. It's one of those days when everyone wants to argue over nothing.

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