Leo daily horoscope

23 July - 23 August

Wednesday 15, August

Today's lunar energy continues to favor communication and sparkling conversation, Leo. Don't get caught up in any kind of tit for tat power struggles. When in doubt give more, and trust that the reciprocity will always find its way back to you at the perfect moment-even if not it's not right away.

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Tuesday 14, August

Despite the ongoing Mercury Rx, today's energies are perfect for finding harmony in communication with those you love. You're finally able to access the sweeter words necessary to bring back the peace and calm that the recent eclipse season might have interrupted. Your words are like honey under the current stars.

Monday 13, August

Last weekend's eclipse was no joke. Your entire life and outlook were shaken at the very core. You're still trying to put all of the new pieces together, Leo. Your confidence is on the rise as is your popularity. Work your regal magic, darling. When you shine, the world shines with you.

Sunday 12, August

Mars is still retrograde through late August, and today he moves out of your partnership zone and back into Capricorn. This makes the next few weeks ideal for revisiting any frustrating work issues that first came up last spring. With enough love and patience, you may be able to resolve them now.

Saturday 11, August

Can you feel it, Leo? That's the sound and fury of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your VERY OWN SIGN. You are the star of stars at the moment but the drama could be too intense even for you at the moment. Temper it by focusing on the next six months. Set intentions for love, work and whatever else you want to transform, because the planets want you to make it big.

Friday 10, August

A Solar Eclipse is coming to your very own sign tomorrow, but that's probably not news to your mind, body and soul - you've felt this coming on for quite some time. Over the next 24-hours, pay close attention to events, messages, and run-ins with the people in your life, and do yourself a favour - try to dial down the drama.

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Thursday 09, August

The big eclipse in your sign is just a few days away, but in the meantime you have to get through today's challenge: Venus square Saturn. This can be a drag for communication with your lover or even your business partner. If you have something important to say, make sure you do it with love and care - not in a fit of rage.

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