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23 July - 23 August

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Wednesday 16, January

The Moon continues to shine brightly at the top of your horoscope today, Leo. You're on top of the world. When your star is rising you feel like all is falling into place as you receive the attention and respect you so deserve. Your hard work and discipline is paying off. Now the world is giving back all the love.

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Tuesday 15, January

Your career is in full focus today, Leo. The Moon is shining brightly at the very top of your horoscope and putting you back in touch with what you do best, taking the spotlight. You can do anything with the grace and beauty that comes so naturally to you. You're at the top, which is exactly where you belong.

Monday 14, January

Today's Moon-Uranus energy is all kinds of wild and unpredictable. There's certainly no shortage of inspiration or new ideas flowing. The only problem is harnessing your energy long enough to take the action necessary to sustain your vision. It's easy to leap before looking and cause accidents, so just be mindful and patient, darling.

Sunday 13, January

There's a major mix of planetary influences at work this Sunday, Leo darling. On one hand, Jupiter and Neptune are bringing all the glam - but Mercury and Saturn can overshadow that with their intense, super serious conjunction. You might just be inspired to work it harder than you've ever worked it before.

Friday 11, January

Today's intensity is brought to you by the Sun-Pluto conjunction, but at least the vibe will improve as the day goes on. Even more interesting, the Moon is void until early tomorrow morning, so you can decide exactly what vibe you want to embrace - the stars are leaving it up to you.

Thursday 10, January

The Moon remains in mystical Pisces so the glamour is still turned up super high today, yet the Sun is coming into a conjunction with transformative Pluto. This means that it won't be easy to keep things light, Leo. You'll have to make time for just a bit of intense introspection, and then you can get back to having a good time.

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