Virgo daily horoscope

24 August - 23 September

Tuesday 14, August

It's all about your money situation today, Virgo. If your finances have been totally out of balance, you can get back into a lovely flow over the next few days. The Moon and Venus are working their harmonizing magic to support your best budgeting and moneymaking skills, darling.

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Monday 13, August

The Moon is waxing in your lovely and efficient stars today. You are back in your element and your wish is the cosmos command. Just be crystal clear with your intentions so that you don't confuse deep desire with momentary and quickly fleeting interest. You are too invested to flirt with inconsequential situations.

Sunday 12, August

Today Mars, the planet of anger and drive, moves back into Capricorn for the next few weeks. This might bring up events and experiences from last spring, specifically relating to your love or creative life. You can work through any unresolved issues during the next few weeks, especially romantic and artistic ones.

Saturday 11, August

It's really here, Virgo - the New Moon/Solar Eclipse we've been telling you about for weeks officially arrives today. This is actually positive news, even if it's brought some inherent drama. Eclipse season is ending and your psyche is preparing for the next six months of powerful transformation.

Friday 10, August

The New Moon in Leo/Solar Eclipse is just a day away, but sometimes the energy is even more intense 24-hours before it lands. If you're a bit overwhelmed by your feelings or by unfolding events, just remember that this, too, shall pass - eclipse season is over soon!

Thursday 09, August

The planet of rules is squaring off with the planet of love, and one of these things is not like the other. Saturn and Venus are not always a great fit, so if established relationships or even budding romances are a bit challenging today, don't be surprised. It's not you, Virgo, it's really just the stars.

Wednesday 08, August

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It could be an intensely emotional and revelatory day, Virgo. The Moon is in your house of friends and the Sun is conjunct your ruler Mercury, which is always something to watch out for during a retrograde. You may sense that secrets - especially the ones held in your own psyche - are being revealed.

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