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24 August - 23 September

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Tuesday 16, October

The Moon is in Capricorn, your sister earth sign - and this might be the best astro-development of the whole week, Virgo. That's because tapping into this grounded, practical energy is exactly what you've craved since Venus went retrograde a few weeks ago. You've been out of control, and now you can get a grip on romance and creativity once again.

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Monday 15, October

Your ruling planet moves into a conjunction with Venus Retrograde today, deepening the already intense vibe, but allowing you to at least add a bit of analysis to it all. It's as if you still have all the feels, but at least you can take a step back from them for a brief moment to understand them better.

Sunday 14, October

The Moon and Saturn are joining forces today, to make for a very intense but useful plunge into creativity and affairs of the heart. This doesn't mean you should fall into negativity or fear around what you love, but it does mean to be practical to counterbalance andy romantic illusions.

Saturday 13, October

Today's stars are nothing short of dreamy and chaotic. You'll appreciate the mystical side, but could certainly do without the messy and confusing bits. Just try to go with the flow and trust that life has a way of sorting itself out when you stay out of the way, Virgo.

Friday 12, October

Today's Sun-Pluto war is making for some very intense interactions to say the least. Keep your wits about you, Virgo. Others will do everything in their power to test and push you to your absolute limits, but you can always choose not to go there. You have better things to do with your time and energy, darling.

Thursday 11, October

The Moon and Jupiter are joining forces in your communication zone, Virgo. You won't be satisfied with superficial chatter. You want the deep truth and nothing less. You can uncover secrets like the best detective or psychologists around. It's an inherent part of your nature, only now you are even more on fire.

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Wednesday 10, October

Communication gets uber intense today, Virgo. Others are determined to push you to your edge. Patience is in short supply and everyone seems paranoid and suspicious. Venus and Mars are in a planetary war at the moment, which is not helping relationship harmony much. Plus, Venus is still retrograde. In other words, it's volatile out there.

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