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24 August - 23 September

virgo horoscope
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Wednesday 16, January

The stars are so perfectly aligned to support you in all the best ways possible, Virgo. There's nothing to worry about as all is in process of flowing to you effortlessly. Use this fabulous momentum to build on what you've already started without delay. With all of the stars aligning in sister earth signs, your manifestation potential is off the charts.

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Tuesday 15, January

Today's lunar energy is gorgeous and inspiring. You have so many beautiful new ideas and projects in flow now. This is the perfect day to get grounded and back to basics so that you can complete what you've started. You can make everything more lovely under the current stars, Virgo.

Monday 14, January

Today the Moon and Uranus join up in your house of transformation, giving you a turbo-boost in terms of your ability to shapeshift and transform your fears into your power. You know what you want and won't hesitate when it comes to just going for it full steam ahead.

Sunday 13, January

Your ruling planet Mercury merges with the Sun in Capricorn today, deepening the power of your creative strategy. It may not be terribly glamorous but it is extremely effective, Virgo. Even if this Sunday feels slightly melancholic, know that you can channel those emotions into some kind of art.

Friday 11, January

The stars are bringing the relief you crave, but it may take until later in the day to get there, Virgo. That's because the Sun-Pluto conjunction perfects on the early side, and then the Moon slips into the blank space between two signs. This gives you a chance to recalibrate right before the weekend.

Thursday 10, January

The Moon remains in Pisces, your opposite sign, but the bigger news is that the Sun is coming into a conjunction with Pluto tomorrow. If you're starting to feel a bit heavy, that's probably why. It's a great opportunity to take any angst and turn it into art, Virgo.

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