Virgo daily horoscope

24 August - 23 September

Thursday 24th May

The need for balance and beauty continues today, Virgo. Don't focus on what stresses you out, focus on what makes you feel more at peace. The lunar energy is just perfect for that. When you are in your flow and not in your head, everything works like magic. Trust this process.

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Wednesday 23rd May

Money is your main focus of the day, Virgo. You're striving to get more grounded in all of your financial goals. Balance is the key now, so cut out any and all excessive spending practices. Try to make a list of your most important priorities when it comes to saving your cash.  

Tuesday 22nd May

Today's Virgo Moon is ideal for doing you. That doesn't mean just
working yourself silly, it also means making time for self-care and other
indulgent things that rescue you from stress and worry. You can't be all work
all the time without serious consequences to your overall wellbeing, darling.

Monday 21st May

This day has you written all over it, Virgo. There's a First Quarter Moon falling in your very own stars and inviting you to just do you. Focus on what you do best – your pure magic. This goes beyond just working like the maverick you are, it also means doing your self-care like a boss.

Sunday 20th May

The Sun moves into Gemini tonight – the only other sign that shares your ruler Mercury. This will perk you up on multiple levels during the next four weeks, and it will also amp up your professional ambitions and resources. In other words, your career is on fire between now and late June.

Saturday 19th May

The planet in charge of love and beauty is moving into your networking zone today, weaving much pleasure into your otherwise mundane social life. If you're single, this is the best time of the year to let your friends set you up – or just start madly swiping right. 

Friday 18th May

The Moon is in homey Cancer today and most of tomorrow, so you'll want to spend time with the people that know you best, Virgo. With lunar energy in your social zone you won't want to be alone, but you won't want to spend time with strangers, either. 

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