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24 September - 23 October


Monday 26th February

The Moon is in emotional, intuitive Cancer for one more day. When it comes to your career, it's time to trust your gut without exception, Libra. Instead of hemming and hawing and waiting on other people's opinions, close your eyes and ask yourself what is true and real – and then go with that.

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Sunday 25th February

Your ruler Venus is dancing with passionate Mars, but it looks a bit aggressive at the moment. While they're in a harsh square formation you can instantly shift from naughty to nice and back again. Your conversations can be both flirtatious and antagonistic at exactly the same time. 

Saturday 24th February

Your career may be this weekend's focus even though you would rather be sleeping. You really are long overdue for some time off but your schedule doesn't seem to want to let you catch a break. Use this time to just focus on your priorities and remember why you do what you do.


Friday 23rd February

The inspiration is sky high today, Libra, compliments of the First Quarter Moon. You're feeling excited and positive in a way that is palpable. Write down your blessings, your hopes, and all of your fabulous wishes for the future. If you don't feel like writing, tell a friend you trust to confide in.

Thursday 22nd February 

With the Moon in Taurus through the evening, your ruler Venus is the most important star in the sky. Love rules right now, Libra, so let it do its thing. Your intimacy zone is highlighted and you might be quite in the mood to spend some time with your lover.

Wednesday 21st February

Your ruling planet is making astro-headlines today, Libra. Venus is conjunct dreamy Neptune in Pisces right now, creating an uber-romantic atmosphere at midweek. This can open deep wells of creativity for you, and you can pour that directly into your work. Trust your intuition and rely on your imagination.

Tuesday 20th February

This is a day for slowing way down and taking your time to go deep. You can sense it's time to make changes but that requires being as still and silent as possible. That's the only way you can listen to what comes next. You hate being rushed into alterations and you need the space to contemplate more deeply.

Monday 19th February

The stars are pushing you into speaking your mind without thinking twice. No more hemming and hawing or weighing the consequences of your words now, Libra. Sometimes just cutting straight to the truth without any sugarcoating is the way to go. People will respect you immensely for it in any case.

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