Libra daily horoscope

24 September - 23 October

Wednesday 15, August

The Moon is still lighting up your very own stars today, Libra. Enjoy the sweetness and grace that flows from this lovely lunar influence. Your relationships may be a bit complex due to other planetary challenges, but you'll find the perfect diplomatic approach to keeping the peace with loved ones.

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Tuesday 14, August

The Moon enters your lovely stars today, Libra, where she meets up with Venus. This makes for a beautiful and harmonious moment in your stars. In other words, your favourite vibes. You can work your sweet magic effortlessly by dropping your charm in the way only you can do, darling. It's something you were born with.

Monday 13, August

The eclipse is over but the aftermath still requires rest and recovery time. Getting back into balance is your priority now. This means taking some solo time and tuning the crazy world out for a bit. Don't feel guilty for taking time for yourself. It's totally necessary for your well being.

Sunday 12, August

Mars is on the move today, and the nature of his current retrograde is about to change. The planet of rage is moving back into Capricorn and will remain in your house of home for the next few weeks. This is an excellent time to revisit and heal any frustrating events that came up last spring - especially relating to your family.

Saturday 11, August

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Leo is officially here, so all the waiting and stressing is over. Now you can begin to set intentions and plan out your next six months of goals, Libra. This eclipse is all about networking - in what ways can you get a little more help from your friends?

Friday 10, August

With a powerful Solar Eclipse on the horizon tomorrow, today is as intense as all get-out, Libra. You don't usually do well with extremes but you might just have to let go of your natural tendencies for a few days. Feel all your feels because holding back will only harm you in the end.

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Thursday 09, August

Your usually sweet and loving ruler Venus is not necessarily at her best today, darling Libra. Yes, she just moved into your own stars a few days ago, but she's about to square serious Saturn, and this can put you - and your ego - in a mood to end all moods. Go easy on yourself and anyone in your proximity.

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