Libra daily horoscope

24 September - 23 October

Thursday 24th May

The Moon is in your lovely stars again today, so take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to be the best you. It should come like breathing because you are a born charmer. You can use your flirtation skills to sway even the grumpiest contenders under this influence. Kill them with kindness, darling.

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Wednesday 23rd May

The Moon is in your stars today, Libra and it's making fabulous aspects to all of the other planets. Use this opportunity to find your flow. Balance is also possible, with minimal effort. You're totally in your element all around, so celebrate you with all of the beauty, grace and gorgeousness that you can get your hands on.

Tuesday 22nd May

Today's lunar energy has you wishing you could just check out
from the action and focus on yourself for a second. Do it, Libra. You don't
need permission and if this means saying no to the needs, wants and desires of
other people, so be it. You deserve some serious you time.

Monday 21st May

It's time to rest and retreat, Libra. Today's First Quarter Moon falls in your house of beauty, sleep and dreams. The less you do in the world, the better you will feel. Of course that might not be entirely possible, but at least you can make laying low a priority.

Sunday 20th May

The Sun moves into your sister air sign tonight, Libra. This solar switchover will light up your travel zone over the next four weeks, profoundly stimulating your wanderlust. If you can't actually get on the road, you'll surely be thinking about it. If you don't get to jump on a flight, at least scroll though exotic Instagram travel feeds to whet your appetite.

Saturday 19th May

Your ruler Venus moves into new territory today, Libra. As she hovers in your career zone over the next few weeks, you can make a very good impression on colleagues and VIP's – the planet of love and beauty will amp up your professional charisma considerably.

Friday 18th May

With the Moon in your career zone on the cusp of the weekend, you might feel deeply emotionally attached to your worldly goals. If you've suffered any recent professional setbacks, now is a good time to process your feelings to you can move forward with your ambitions – nothing can stop you, Libra.

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