Libra Daily Horoscope

24 September - 23 October

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Wednesday 17, October

The Moon is in your sister air sign for the next few days Libra. This is so beyond lovely and brings a major bonus: a side order of amazing creativity. You're all about romance and pleasure and beauty - these are some of your fave things in the world to focus on.

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Tuesday 16, October

The stars are serious today, but that's not a bad thing at all. The drama and craziness has been consuming, especially for you, because Venus Retrograde hits you harder than most other signs. Focus on domestic matters today and do any necessary repair - you're able to be practical and rational in ways you have not been since 5 October.

Monday 15, October

Your ruling planet is still making the whole world a bit mad as she moves through her retrograde, but there is a twist today. Mercury moves into a close conjunction with Venus, deepening your need to understand the way you spend money. Have you been compulsive about love or cash lately, Libra? The stars want to help you get to the bottom of these tendencies.

Sunday 14, October

The Moon and Saturn are tag-teaming it today to make for a reality-check on all levels. If you're wondering where the heavy vibes are coming from, it's the somber influence taking us back to the essentials. If it's wasteful, Saturn will not approve. It's time to get practical.

Saturday 13, October

There is nothing wrong with indulging in fantasies sometimes, Libra. In fact, today there is really no choice. Reality is a bazillion worlds away. The Moon and Neptune are fighting and creating a rather glamorous yet confusing scene. Trying to decipher fact from fiction is no mean feat at the moment.

Friday 12, October

The stars are reminding you how essential it is to avoid power struggles. You adore peace always, but right now you may cling to it as if your very life depends on it. That's because everyone around you seems to be going off the deep end. Just refuse to engage when it gets contentious.

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Thursday 11, October

Today's Moon Jupiter alignment brings some powerful yet excessive energy to your money zone. It's tempting to spend in a decadent manner at the moment, but make sure you won't regret the purchase when you come back to your senses. Plus, it's still Venus Retrograde, during which big purchases are ill-advised.

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