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24 September - 23 October

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Wednesday 16, January

Today's sweet and serene energy is so your speed, Libra. You're totally in your Venusian element and can simply sit back and enjoy all of the beauty swirling around you at the moment. It's also effortless to harmonize with your friends under this influence. Mend any previous misunderstandings while the energy is so lovely and cooperative.

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Tuesday 15, January

The Moon moves into your house of deep transformation and change today, Libra. You're feeling an internal push to pay attention to your body and all of her wisdom. Don't get caught up in indecipherable ideas when your body knows exactly what's up. The body never lies, darling.

Monday 14, January

The Moon and Uranus are opposite your stars today, Libra. No wonder you feel so antsy and off balance at the moment. This will pass but in the meantime, try not to do anything too impulsive or rash that you'll regret, especially where relationships are concerned. You aren't necessarily thinking clearly now.

Sunday 13, January

The planets are super busy today, Libra, and it can cause a bit of whiplash. On one hand, Mercury and Saturn are making everything a bit challenging, especially with close friends and family. On the other Jupiter and Neptune are lifting you all the way up - so far up that you may not remember where the ground is underneath your feet.

Friday 11, January

The Sun-Pluto conjunction is still fairly intense in the morning, but the energy begins to fade as the day moves forward. As you get closer to the weekend, prep for your low-energy phase, which begins early Saturday morning. In other words, plan to sleep late and take breakfast in bed if possible, Libra.

Thursday 10, January

With the Sun and Pluto moving into a conjunction in your home zone tomorrow, expect some leftover eclipse emotions to bubble up. If there's anything that you haven't had the time or space to deal with, especially regarding your family relationships, it might come up in the next few days.

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