Scorpio daily horoscope

24 October - 22 November

Wednesday 15, August

The need for extra sleep and inner reflection is still strong today, compliments of the Moon moving through your house of dreams and retreat. You need a break from the world and all of its petty distractions. You crave depth, beauty, and balance. Extra beauty rest is also on the agenda.

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Tuesday 14, August

The Moon moves into your house of relaxation and retreat today, Scorpio. You need to check out from the world and all of its stressors for a spell. Give yourself permission to sneak away into your favourite place of solitude. Others may call you a recluse for a few days. You're just in dire need of internal time.

Monday 13, August

You're obsessed with retooling your long-term goals. The eclipse last weekend set the stage for the next six months of career goals. You've got your mind set on going next-level. Nothing halfway will do-as per usual. You want all the limelight and accolades you so truly deserve, Scorpio.

Sunday 12, August

Your ruling planet continues his retrograde, but today he shifts back into Capricorn, where he was last spring. He'll be moving backward through 27 August, making the next few weeks ideal for revisiting any frustrating communication issues you experienced a few months ago. Use this to get in touch with your anger and move past it.

Saturday 11, August

So much power is radiating through your house of career today, Scorpio. Putting aside any other eclipse-related drama, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Leo is actually a really positive development for your professional life - if you are willing to set intentions and follow up accordingly.

Friday 10, August

The eclipse is nearly here, and you're likely feeling it in every single cell of your body, Scorpio. Your best bet is to slow way down and grab some stillness before the weekend begins. It may seem like everything is speeding around you, but you don't have to join the maelstrom.

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Thursday 09, August

The planet of love and the planet of law are getting ready to do battle, Scorpio. Luckily this will peak tonight and then fade by tomorrow, so it won't interfere with your weekend. However, you might find yourself on edge today, and it can have a powerful effect on your conversations - both via text and IRL.

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