Scorpio daily horoscope

24 October - 22 November

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Tuesday 16, October

With the Moon in Capricorn today, you're less forlorn and more focused, Scorpio. Healthy communication is the theme of the day and you're totally up to the task. Rather than fall into the depths of destructive passion via a Venus Retrograde memory hole, you're all about sending out important emails and making work calls.

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Monday 15, October

Venus Retrograde continues in your sign, and today Mercury joins the madness. This intensifies the energy a lot, but can help you to communicate about it better -and even think about it more clearly. If you've been obsessional or deeply confused about love, use this to get some much-needed clarity.

Sunday 14, October

Today's Moon-Saturn influence is nothing short of heavy and pressing you to do the right thing. Integrity is key in all life arenas now. If you sense any depression kicking in, it might be an indication that you're avoiding something or procrastinating. The sooner you face the fears, the weight will lift.

Saturday 13, October

The Moon and Neptune are stirring up your romantic side. You may be a bit obsessed and want to blow the bank on things that aren't exactly in your realistic budget. You might want to wait for the mood to pass so you can get back to your senses, Scorpio.

Friday 12, October

The stars are pushing everyone to ultimatums at the moment. You tend to operate under extreme measures to begin with but when someone tests you, you'll always call their bluff. You absolutely cannot stand to be controlled. The Sun and Pluto are fighting with each other and creating loads of pressure and tension. Just keep taking deep breaths.

Thursday 11, October

The Moon and Jupiter are joining up in your deep and passionate stars today, Scorpio. You're already an extremist by nature but your emotions could reach new levels under the current indulgent energies. Your all or nothing nature is featured strongly under the current stars, so finding the middle ground might be tricky, if even at all possible.

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Wednesday 10, October

All of your emotional buttons are getting pushed at the moment, Scorpio. You're not alone either. Everyone is feeling the pressure and intensity of wanting to cut connections. Mars, your ruling planet, is fighting with Venus Retrograde (in your sign). Translation: what a mess! Keep your wits about you, darling.

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