Scorpio daily horoscope

24 October - 22 November

scorpio horoscope
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Wednesday 16, January

Your lunar opposition continues today, depleting your energy. It's actually the perfect excuse to slow down and simplify your schedule. Spending quality time with loved ones is the perfect remedy to rejuvenate. It's all about being in the right company so that you don't get even more drained, Scorpio.

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Tuesday 15, January

The Moon is now in your opposite stars, bringing your energy level down to earth. It could feel a bit exhausting and depleting but trust that you need this little reprieve to collect yourself. You can't be all passion all the time, Scorpio. Your body needs rest and rejuvenation and this is the perfect opportunity for a little downtime.

Monday 14, January

Work is on fire but also stressful at the moment, Scorpio. Your energies are all over the place due to this current Moon-Uranus influence taking you and your coworkers for a wild ride. Try to stay grounded and balanced to avoid jumping the gun and doing something you'll regret. It's about staying coolheaded.

Sunday 13, January

Jupiter and Neptune are making everything extremely confusing today, Scorpio. This is their first square of the year, so this will be a recurring force in 2019. Whatever you do, try to avoid wild spending sprees because you truly do not know your own limits right now. You need someone or something to hold you back.

Friday 11, January

After the intensity of Pluto's conjunction with the Sun begins to fade this afternoon, you'll begin to feel cleansed - and better than ever. It's as if the eclipse is finally done - even though it happened last weekend. As you enter the next one, you're experiencing something brand new and never before attempted - and you've got it in the bag, Scorpio.

Thursday 10, January

Your ruler Pluto makes some news over the next few days as he moves into an intense conjunction with the Sun. This could remind you a bit of how you felt last weekend, during the Capricorn eclipse - but now you're really purging every last bit of angst and stress. Just let it go, Scorpio.

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