Scorpio daily horoscope

24 October - 22 November

Thursday 24th May

Today's lunar energy continues to push you to rest and retreat. You don't naturally give yourself time off and thus need plenty of reminders, if not someone actually forcing you to just stop. You might have to set an alarm as a reminder to simply pause and take care of yourself, darling. 

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Wednesday 23rd May

The stars are asking you to rest and rejuvenate today, Scorpio. It's the best way to come back into balance and let go of any stress. Making soul time and space to drift and dream is optimal for your overall wellbeing. This might mean turning down social plans for your own peace of mind.

Tuesday 22nd May

Friendships, goals and wishes are still your priority of the
moment. You have so many plans that it might be hard to pin down where to start
first. You might also have many people pulling you in different directions to
the point of confusion and overwhelm. Set limits and make lots of lists.

Monday 21st May

Today's First Quarter Moon is pushing you towards your long-term goals, dreams and wishes. If you've got people you've wanted to collaborate with, this is your chance to finally catch up with everybody and make a plan. You're also keen on the details under this influence, so make lists.

Sunday 20th May

With the Sun moving into Gemini tonight, it's time to tackle any lingering intimacy issues, Scorpio. During the next four weeks you'll get the opportunity to tap into what really, truly makes your sex life tick – ask yourself, "What are my truest desires?" – then act on them.

Saturday 19th May

Today the planet of affection and beauty moves into Cancer, your sister water sign. This initiates a few weeks of sweetness, light and love – especially with relation to your travel schedule. Yes, Scorpio, it's definitely time for a romantic getaway with your bae. Your worldview can also deepen and shift to include more empathy. 

Friday 18th May

The Moon is in Cancer, your sister water sign, right before the weekend and though Saturday. This is a lovely development for you, Scorpio – it puts you directly in your own element and makes you feel more like yourself. This sense of emotional security can spur your taste for adventure. 

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