Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January

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Wednesday 17, October

The Moon is in your money sign for the next few days so you're even more financially motivated than you are during an average workweek. You're all about making extra cash through multiple opportunities that may become available, somewhat out of the blue. Be ready to dive in and take control.

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Tuesday 16, October

The Moon is in your very own stars today, Capricorn darling. This puts you directly in the center of everything - and considerably amps up your charm and ambitions. Luckily you don't have to do must to catch people's attention - this lunar glow is almost better than your fave cheek highlighter.

Monday 15, October

The planet of love is meeting up with the planet of talking and thinking today, and this is even more significant because Venus is still retrograde. This takes it up a notch but helps you to feel slightly more grounded in your feelings - by helping you analyze them more rationally. You can work through it, Capricorn.

Sunday 14, October

The Moon is joining up with somber Saturn in your very own stars today. If the pressure all feels a bit too much, hang in there love. It's just a passing influence and will soon give way to more uplifting potential. Now is the time to get serious about what you really want and make a workable plan.

Saturday 13, October

The Moon and Neptune are fighting today, leaving chaos and confusion in their wake. You prefer reality to getting swept up in illusion, and yet it might be impossible not to fall prey to deceptions now. It's just so hard to decipher what is real and what is fake. You're not alone, darling.

Friday 12, October

The Sun is fighting with Pluto in your stars. This creates a lot of tension and power struggles, especially in your intimate relationships and even around career matters. Avoid pushing anyone with ultimatums because they will likely take you up on it. There appears to be no middle ground at the moment, but you can always create your own.

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Thursday 11, October

The stars are full-on today, Capricorn. The Moon and Jupiter are teaming up to bring you all of the emotional intensity you could ever imagine. It's not easy when feelings are so strong, but if you work with instead of against the energies, it can be incredibly creative.

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