Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January

Wednesday 15, August

Career themes are calling today. Put your energy into your current professional plans and projects for the best results. You can strike a balance that previously seemed totally elusive until now. There is a win-win solution and the perfect compromise to even the most aggravating struggles with colleagues or superiors.

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Tuesday 14, August

The Moon moves up to the top of your horoscope today, Capricorn. You're feeling all of the creativity and possibility that beauty can bring to your life and the world you create around you. Everything is finally getting back into the flow you so desire, so you can stress less and trust in the gorgeousness.

Monday 13, August

You're looking for the silver lining now, Capricorn. The last few weeks have been nothing short of brutal and revolutionary all at the same time. You need some good news and it's coming soon, if not now. What will help is shifting your focus to what's positive and what's possible.

Sunday 12, August

Mars Retrograde moves into your own stars today, Capricorn. The planet of pure drive is moving back into your sign for the first time since last spring, potentially bringing up frustrating issues from around that time. If your ego was bruised and you're not quite over it, you can get there over the next few weeks.

Saturday 11, August

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse is officially here, but you have nothing to fear, darling Capricorn. Eclipses are indeed super intense, but they aren't as bad as their reputation suggests. Rather, you can use this astro-event to fuel your next six months of transformation, and well you should.

Friday 10, August

Tomorrow is the official date of the Solar Eclipse, the last in a series of three. You're almost there, Capricorn, so you just have to bear it a little bit longer. Trust that the lessons that you'll learn from any dramatic events will be more than worth it for your greater growth.

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Thursday 09, August

Your low-energy phase ends early today, which is a good thing, because your ruler Saturn is about to get into a row with Venus tonight and you need all your inner power to get through it. This can make you a bit punchy and aggressive, especially concerning career issues. Try not to let small things get to you - this too shall pass.

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