Sagittarius daily horoscope

23 November - 22 December

Tuesday 25, September

Your love and romance zones are still on fire, Sagittarius. Take advantage of this fabulous and super creative influence to give form to your heart's desire. Magic is most definitely in the air. The only caveats to this lunation are the potential for flaring tempers and cutting people off or even out of your life abruptly.

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Monday 24, September

The Full Moon has arrived and it's bringing the love buzz! Your house of romance and pleasure is fully illuminated now, so be sure to celebrate all matters of the heart. Your creativity is also off the charts at this time so, express yourself in all the ways, with all the things. You're totally on fire, bb.

Sunday 23, September

With the Full Moon in Aries just a day away, you are pure fire right now, Sagi bb. There is passion in all your feels, and your creativity is totally off the hook. If you feel a bit angry or experience aggression from others, just try to find a way to tap into the pure energetic drive behind it - it's can be a source of inspiration.

Saturday 22, September

The Fall Equinox arrives today, and it's a beautiful day to celebrate the art of balance. While the dark and the light are here in equal measure, you can connect to that kind of harmony within. For the next four weeks, the Sun will light up your social zone - this is one of the most exciting, busy phases of the year - both personally and professionally.

Friday 21, September

Mercury, the planet in charge of talking and thinking, moves into your social zone today. Over the next few weeks, you can expect all manner of mind-blowing conversations with friends and colleagues, both in-person and over text. You have something major to say and you'd also got the perfect audience.

Thursday 20, September

The Sun is shining its light directly on Mercury in Virgo today - and this powerfully intense energy can open major professional doors for you. This will all shift by the weekend when the Fall Equinox arrives, so focus on your career with your full attention right now, Sagi.

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Wednesday 19, September

The stars are finally calming down after one of the most intense aspects on record, just yesterday. Mars and Uranus clashed last night, but you're now over the worst of it and it can only get better from here. The Moon remains in Capricorn through later today, so the energy will continue to be strong and stable.

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