Sagittarius daily horoscope

23 November - 22 December

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Tuesday 11, December

The Moon is in your communication zone today, Sagi bb. Not that you ever hold back much, but this astro-influence encourages you to let it out all the way - and then some. Express yourself fully and without a hint of conservatism. The weirder you are, the more deeply everyone will listen.

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Monday 10, December

The Moon is in your money zone for one more day, Sagittarius. This is some serious go-getter energy, but note that with out-there Uranus in the mix you might be prompted to take an unhealthy financial risk. Just be sure you can really afford any splurges or intriguing investments.

Sunday 09, December

Today's Moon-Pluto alignment in your money zone sets the stage for some very profound breakthroughs with your relationship to your finances. You tend to spend faster than you can make or save the cash. That is all in the process of a more conservative overhaul, but such big changes take time.

Saturday 08, December

It's time to get serious about your finances, Sagi. The Moon and Saturn are tag-teaming it in your money zone and putting pressure on doing the right thing - especially when it comes to saving your cash. 'Tis the season to blow the bank but you can set limits and boundaries on your budget.

Friday 07, December

Today's New Moon falls in your very own stars, Sagi. This is your best time of the entire year to hit the reset button. You don't have to wait until the clock strikes 2019 to make a fresh start. Set your intentions for the next six months of fabulousness. Bigger, better and more is your guiding mantra.

Thursday 06, December

Hurray a thousand times as Mercury Retrograde is finally over as of today. Plus, tomorrow you've got a gorgeous New Moon in your sign. But first things first: focus on regaining clarity and momentum over the next few weeks as the communication planet moves forward - re-entering your very own stars next week.

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Wednesday 05, December

Take time for deep inner reflection today, Sagi. The Moon and Mercury are joining up in your house of dreams, retreat and imagination today. You are able to tap into your soul for insights and soul wisdom that might simply blow your mind. Pay close attention to everything you think and feel.

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