Thigh-High Ugg Boots (Finally?) Happened

Only ugly until Rihanna decides it's not.


UGG Boots have the notorious reputation for being, well, ugly. They're associated with the basic girl aesthetique alongside gourd-related espresso drinks, Snapchat puppy filters, and an emotional relationship with Autumn. Previous collabs with and Sacai have slowly chipped away at the unfair rep. But have you ever tried a pair? They're mad comfy and insanely easy to wear. But it's their latest turn on the Paris runway that will make you stop in your shearling-lined tracks.


Y/Project, a Parisian label know for their conceptual designs, partnered with the Australian footwear brand to create something the world didn't didn't know it needed, but actually desperately needed: over-the-knee UGG boots. They fold over, slouch in all the right places, and have a crotch-level height. 'The UGG Classic boot is one of the most recognisable shoes in history,' said Y/Project creative director Glenn Martens in a statement. 'By reworking the Classic boot with a typical Y/Project twist such as the triple overlap and the extra-long legs, we want to celebrate the UGG brand's unique history.'

The collaboration also debuted heeled mules and stiletto knee-high boots in chestnut and black, UGG's most recognisable colours. All three styles are expected to launch this September, which is perfect timing for them to be spotted on the street style circuit. Love them or hate them you can't deny how toasty your thighs will be. And never forget the fashion industry's mantra: It's only ugly until Rihanna decides it's not. We wouldn't be surprised if she's trying on a pair this very second.

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