#DKNYArtworks launch in London

Hosted by karaoke queen Cara

Last night, LouisvuittonShop was there for one of the biggest launches of the season: the #DKNYArtworks party.

Celebrating the London logo installation – one of ten planned in the ten most fashion-forward cities in the world – and hosted by Cara Delevingne, it will take a lot for this to be beaten.

Imagine an old fire station converted into a neon urban party venue with endless cocktails, Saint beer, hot dogs, pizza, popcorn and gummy sweets at your disposal. Add in performances by Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea and a celebrity-packed crowd, among them and Jourdan Dunn, and you'd be somewhere close.

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Amid the hubbub, we caught up with the new face of Material Girl clothing and Cara's 'wifey' Rita about all things DKNY.

'DKNY are really surprising as a clothing line and as a brand,' she told us. 'They really shock you in a good way. I love how comfortable their clothes are, but very sexy at the same time. It's also a lot to do with the colour, as that's what they are known for.

'That's my perspective - I am a big Donna Karan fan. I'm a fan of how she makes women feel.'

The highlight of the evening? Cara 'crashing' Rita's performance, taking the microphone out of her hands and finishing How We Do herself. A hint that Cara's got her eye on chart fame, perhaps?

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