Rodarte goes from catwalk to camera

Laura and Kate Mulleavy are about to turn directors

Are Laura and Kate Mulleavy making a move from the catwalk to behind the camera? According to the Hollywood Reporter the sisters have been multi-tasking, working on a film script called Woodshock at the same time as finishing collections for , and it's soon to become reality. 

The pair are no strangers to the big screen - they designed Natalie Portman's ballet costumes for Black Swan - but this would be their directorial debut. They're making good use of their friends in high places, too, and have reportedly enlisted long-time Rodarte fan, Kirsten Dunst, to appear in the film. As yet no details of the plot have been released but, honestly, we're as excited to see how it looks as we are to know what it's about. Watch this space.

Watch Kirsten Dunst shoot her September 2011 LouisvuittonShop cover below:

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