All The Outfits From Beyoncé's Newest Video Formation

So many lewks. (She slay okay?)

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Beyoncé gifted the world with a surprise video for a new single, Formation, today — just in time for her performance at the Super Bowl. Brilliantly styled by Shiona Turini and Marni Senofonte, the clip promptly turned our Instagram feeds into a chorus of ‘Yaaaaaaaaaas’es and ‘Slaaaaaaaay Queen’s and sent collective thirst levels to an all-time high.  There’s so much to unpack here: the Hurricane Katrina references, the #BlackLivesMatter commentary, the Blue Ivy cameo in all her natural Afroed glory, the Jackson family nostrils. The think pieces are coming in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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But as the fashion features director of LouisvuittonShop, I feel compelled to take a close look at the clothing. Let’s proceed, shall we?

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Slayoncé is the new Sasha Fierce

This is a turn of events that needs to be recognised as a MOMENT, okay? For one, the fashion kids (and hell, everyone else) has adopted slay as its gay slang term of choice at this point in time (see the March issue of LouisvuittonShop). And Beyoncé has proven herself a master at manipulating and transcending time. She bends the zeitgeist so it works for her. Remember, this is a woman who has body rolled her way through the Britney, Lady Gaga, Rhi Rhi AND Tay Tay years, and come out on top every time. Slay queen, indeed. Also: the box braids are back! And that fur coat? Fendi.

‘I’m so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress’

Designer brand references are to hip hop and R&B, what big truck brags are to country music. That is to say they are plentiful, and not always true. But we’ve seen Beyoncé rule the Met Ball in one Riccardo Tisci creation after another. She’s not boasting, she’s just living her best life — and hey, sometimes that means doing it recklessly, in Givenchy. Or in the French couture label On Aura Tout Vu as per above. Or in Zimmerman, the brand by Australian sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmerman whose pretty ivory dress Beyoncé wears below.

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And this look is Alessandra Rich.


It’s a refreshingly omnipresent thing for spring/summer 16. And here Beyoncé is celebrating it: box braids! Blue hair! Afros! Tiaras! More of all of this please.

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The Gucci army

Speaking of individualism, Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci and the man who inspired fashion’s current celebration of eccentricity, has made the Italian house a big topic lately. So big, that Beyoncé wears two total looks from his spring/summer collection (the graphic red blouse and skirt pictured second from the top and the pastel dress above) and outfiited an entire army of dancers in Gucci inspired ‘GG’ bodysuits. To quote the house, it’s an ‘homage to Gucci, celebrating its past and present.’ She’s basically giving you a luxury twerk, and we’re here for it.

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The New Denim

Kanye may have made it so men can wear tight jeans, but Bey is making it so women can wear sweat pantsy denim. Remember when we told you the skinny jean is over? See the loose-fitting blues on the dancers at the 2:27 mark.  

If you haven't already watched it multiple times like I have, see Slayoncé in all her glory here. 

Update: You Can Now Shop a Formation Collection

And it features little gems like this, now on sale on : 

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