Arcade Fire Are Trolling *That* Kendall And Kylie Vintage Tee

It's all kicking off

Kendall + Kylie

Over the past week we've succumbed to the fact that despite all our best efforts we honestly just can't Keep Up With The Kardashians.

Whilst the past 12 hours have been about the Rob Kardashian/Chyna drama, it seems the families woes never end as Kendall and Kylie's controversial vintage tee is still on everybody's lips.

The girls got into hot water when they released vintage inspired T-shirts, which showcased their faces being emblazoned over music icons such as Tupac, Ozzy Osbourne and Biggie.

Needless to say, the design quickly sparked outrage (and even legal action) and was swiftly taken out of circulation.

While many musicians in recent days have taken to social media to spark their critisism at the Jenner's, Arcade Fire have taken it upon themselves to see the funny side and have created their own knock-off version.

The satirical item was seen being sold at their London show on Tuesday evening. The indie band cheekily superimposed the Jenners' faces onto a shirt featuring their own Everything Now logo.

Not only is it a hell of a lot cheaper than the original, retailing at a modest £25, but 100% of the proceeds are being donated to Partners In Health, a Boston-based charity committed improving the health of poor and marginalized people.

Talk about turning a bad situation into a good one, eh?

We have a feeling this won't be the last p*ss-taking tee we see given that Pete Wentz, lead singer of Fall Out Boy, has already Photoshopped his idea of what a Kendall and Kylie vintage tee should look like.

Oh, if only we had eyes in the Kardashian's group chat right now.

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