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Why Monica's Apartment Was Purple on 'Friends'

The bold, daring shade was very much deliberate.

14 Signs You've Found Your Work Wife

They will always get you through the day

Jennifer Aniston on Rachel Green's Nipples

Her answer is perfection.

Cole Sprouse on Shooting 'Friends' With Jennifer

Cole Sprouse opens up about how hard it was to film around her.

Ross Geller from Friends TV show
If Ross Geller From 'Friends' Had Instagram

He'd definitely post a dinosaur #tbt.

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Jennifer Anniston memes after Brad and Angelina Jolie divorce
Jennifer Aniston on the One Thing the 'Friends' Cast Hated About the Show

Well, this changes everything.

23 Everyday Phrases We Got From Friends
Could our vocabulary *be* any more influenced by Friends?
Monica And Chandler Might Be Dating IRL
Courteney Cox plus Matthew Perry equals all our 'Friends' fantasies come true
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This British Icon Was Almost In Friends
In the perfect - perfect! - guest role
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