The Mirrored Nail Varnish We Didn't Know We Needed

Narcissus would have a field day

Mirror nail varnish
Manicure Fantasy

Latest in a long line of beauty products that we didn't know we needed, is this mirrored nail varnish.

We discovered chrome nails last year and like magpies to blue things, we've became obsessed with metallics.

<p>Nylon jacket, £370, Lacoste. Denim jeans, £119, Liu Jo. Leather sandals, as before, Chanel</p>
Our metallics shoot with model Sara Sampaio

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It seemed for a long time that though all manner of metallic polishes available, with varying degrees of shine and intensity, there was only one place that had actually managed to achieve the full mirrored effect.

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The varnish, from the shop, seemed to have mastered just that:

With people flocking to Instagram to show it off:

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Nowadays though, almost all nail technicians have mastered the art of the chrome nail - it turns out, with a bit of metallic dust, you can turn almost any nail colour into a mirrored finish worthy of any Sci-Fi.

If you want to try this at home instead of at the parlour, here are some products to get you started:

- eBay - £3.85

- Superdrug - £4.99

- Amazon - £6.99

And here is a handy tutorial:

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