'Crown Brows' Now Exist And Maybe We Should Just Accept That Eyebrow Art Is A Thing...Or Not

The latest? 'Bejewelled crown brows.'


Not a day goes by without a new Instagram beauty trend in the spotlight, hello terrarium eye make-up. Running low on endless new ways to highlight, our feed has recently been filled with bonkers new ways to wear your brows.

First there was feather brows.

Then we were all about the barbed wire brows.

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Next up, Dragon Brows.

The look comes from , a 23-year-old self-taught make-up artist who posted of a photo of her eyebrows shaped up in spikes.

She told , 'I wanted to embrace the opportunity to move away from the cookie-cutter brows that are so common and try to have more fun with my expression-caterpillars.'

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She also said she was inspired by Stella Sironen aka , who a couple of weeks ago caught everyone's attention with the now infamous feather brows (a look created by splitting the eyebrow hairs).

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Now, bejewelled 'crown brows' have joined the roster for bonkers eyebrow art.

Created by edgy make-up artist Sofie Peterseen, the look involved spiking your brows up into points (think Gareth Gates meets a crown and you're nailing it) and adorning the tips with stick on gemstones. Et viola! Your eyebrows are now tiaras.

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The internet has been rather confused by these recent brow revelations. And by confused, we might mean disgusted...

Great art always divides people. And frankly, it looks fun but our long suffering sparse brows barely made it through the Noughties, let alone grew back thick enough to be styled into spikes.

Perhaps this means 'Instagram eyebrows' have finally come to an end? Nah.

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