Heart-Shaped Blusher Is The Valentine's Day Make-Up Trend With Major Marie Antoinette Vibes

Regular blusher just got a romantic overhaul...

heart shaped blusher makeup trend

'Not another ridiculous Instagram make-up trend?!' we hear you cry.

But bear with us, because this one is super cute, doesn't involve anything creepy and crawly (looking at you bug make-up) and is refreshingly nothing to do with eyebrows. Huzzah!

Yup, this time we're trawling our Insta feed for heart-shaped blusher aka this year's Valentine's Day make-up trend that's working some major Marie Antoinette vibes.

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Literally what it says on the tin, the only tools you need to recreate the loved up look is your favourite blusher and, if you're not one for colouring in the lines, a heart-shaped stencil.

Simply draw a heart (or shade in the stencil) on the apple of your cheek in place of your usual blusher and buff out the edges with a fluffy brush for a more diffused finish.

Alternatively, if you're opting for the negative space option do as heart-shaped blusher pro did. Apply your blusher as usual, then grab a concealer and paint a heart on each cheek using an eyeshadow brush.

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Et voila! A Renasissance-style flush to rival even the queen of France. No Valentine's crush/awkward encounter required.

Go for larger 'stamp' style hearts, smaller negative space stencils or, for extra adorable points, draw tiny hearts across both cheeks and your nose for the most Kawaii vibe freckles ever.

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When in doubt add another Insta make-up trend to round out the look. A wash of pink or red across your eyes to match your newly amorous blusher is surprisingly flattering, bang on trend for 2018 and fits the trad Valentines colour scheme perfectly.

It's time to wear your heart on your cheeks people.

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