Suki Waterhouse Talks Teen Glory Regrets, Hoarding Products And Stalk-Worthy Instagram Accounts

We catch up with Suki Waterhouse to talk beauty hacks, perfumes to pull with, and that time she shaved her brows...

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My favourite Instagram accounts to stalk...

...are definitely my friends' private accounts. There's also a great one called , which is basically repurposed images of Kate Moss and Posh Spice- it's fab.

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The fragrance I'm wearing right now... - it's got rhubarb and sandalwood in. I absolutely love woody smells in fragrances; they remind me of farms I've been to.

My go-to thing is brows...

...that always comes first. Then I'll maybe put on a . I hoard and - the really thick stuff, but as far as haircare goes, I'll just use whatever's in the hotel.

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I'm obsessed with...

.... They naturally stay really cold, which is amazing if you have a headache- it's like this heavenly cold flush of metal. It also gets your lymphatic drainage going, so your skin looks much smoother. You can add oils and kind of shape your face with it- perfect for those days where you wake up feeling like your face is on the floor.

Skincare's not about vanity... the end of the day, waking up in the morning feels so much better if you've washed your face a couple of times. Sometimes I do end up sleeping with my makeup on; it depends on what's going on. This morning was the dream; I used a , although I also love . I'm into Vitamin C serums too; and then maybe once a week I'll put on a retinol.

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Florence has the most ridiculous sunsets.

It's so lush there. Working with Ellen [Von Unwerth] to make the video was incredible; she's so funny to work with, and so passionate. There was this one time we were filming in public, with loads of tourists sitting around eating, and me just strutting down the street with these long black gloves on, doing big, swooping motions with my arms.

When I was younger I shaved my brows.

Right down the middle- I thought I had a uni-brow! I think they're still slightly mismatched from that, but they've pretty much grown back. I have quite big eyebrows- I usually work with a brow gel (LouisvuittonShop loves ) to brush them up because if they go down they make my whole face look really sad. Then I'll put a taupe colour on them; a little bit lighter than my natural brows- it's a disaster for me if I go darker.

I'm slightly horrified at myself...

...when I was a younger teenager, I'd go on holiday with my parents and just lie out in the sun all day and refuse to talk to anybody. I always ask my mum why she didn't try and stop me. But now I care about SPF a lot more. I used which is factor 46; it must be almost the highest SPF.

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I love trekking.

Walking is the best thing I can think of for both my mind and body, especially if you go with a friend and just chat and chat. There's something meditative about going by yourself, too, with your music on. I went to the Congo on a trekking holiday, and we found gorillas in their natural habitat. It was the best way to end a walk.


I'm into candles, or sage...

...although recently I had a fire at my house from the sage. I woke up to the fire alarm because I'd set the toilet roll on fire. I think I should just stick to perfume!

The best foundation I've ever used... . I've got a couple- I use the darker shade on my cheeks, and lighter on my forehead.


I try to watch people doing make-up...

...or, if I'm having my makeup done, I get them to tell me what they're doing. I've learned some good tips recently, like one make-up artist who dabbed the tiniest little glimmer of lipstick on my eyelid. I write down the lipstick shades I like, otherwise I would just never know! I love Angelic and Rose from .

I'm really into kickboxing...

...I get quite distracted, so boxing is good for absolute concentration (and I get to punch something). I like bar work and yoga, too; it's magical, but it hurts, so I don't go a lot. After the gym, I love the - they kind of tighten your skin if you're breaking out.

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My last meal on Earth...

...would be cauliflower cheese. Growing up, it was something I'd have a lot of, with breadcrumbs crusted on top, and baked beans.

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