GRL PWR Tattoos Is The Tiny Ink Trend For Badass Feminists Everywhere

Who needs vowels when you've got GRL PWR?

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Whether it's purely Spice Girls nostalgia for you, or more representative of a much-needed return to feminism, there's no denying that girl power is having a long overdue moment.

Between gender pay gaps coming to light, London Mayor Sadiq Khan openly calling himself a feminist, and body positivity taking the place of unachievable #fitnessgoals, so far 2017 has been the year we women needed.

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But with a Trump in power and gay marriage still up for debate, there's still way more to do before equality is truly achieved (Johnny from Love Island, we're looking at you).

And now there's a new permanent way to show your support for girl power, equal rights and women everywhere.

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We're talking about GRL PWR tattoos. Removing the vowels, but leaving the meaning, the tiny ink trend is the latest way to celebrate your strength, independence and power that comes directly from being a woman, not despite it.

Talking to , Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Lalo Yunda said of the empowering ink trend:

'I get a lot of women who come to get a tattoo and they don't want flowers or any girly shit, they want a permanent symbol of their girl power. For the time in history where we are now, a lot of women feel like they are strong and successful, and they want to celebrate that.'


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An inspiring statement that also happens to fit into our obsession with tiny, minimal tattoos? This is our kind of girl gang.

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