Lush Has Just Released 11 New Bath Bombs

And you might remember some of the scents...

celeb scars
11 Celebrities Who Proudly Show Off Their Scars

Scars are just another thing that make us unique

Identity Body Dysmorphia Exhibition
'Identity' Exhibition Is All About Body Dysmorphia

You've never seen Lady Gaga like this before

LUSH's 'God Is A Woman' Bath Bomb Is Finally Here!

The 'God Is A Woman' bath bomb is available now

Facial Hair Removal
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Is Your Vagina Supposed To Have Its Own Multi-Step Skincare Routine? We Asked A Gyno

Vulva sheet masks, lip balms, and highlighters(!) are a thing—but are they safe?

The Lush Christmas Collection Is Here And It's Cracking

It's never too early for a festive bath bomb

Russian Eyelash Extensions
Just A Super Useful Guide To All Things Eyelash Extensions

What exactly are Russian lashes anyway?

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natural tan last longer
Just A Super Useful Guide To Making Your Natural Tan Last Way Longer Than Your Holiday

Summer is gone, but that doesn't mean your tan has to be

Is Vaping Vitamins The Future Of Wellness?

Hey-ay-ay-ay. Smoke vitamins everyday.

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Body positivity - Embrace your body, baby!
Close-Up Portrait Of Young Woman
An Acid Attack Left Me Needing An Eyebrow Transplant

‘The doctors told me I wouldn’t need much surgery […] It couldn’t have been further from the truth’